Kitchen Plinth Spotlights – How To Choose The Best For Your Kitchen

Kitchen plinth spotlights – The type of light fixtures available for a kitchen used to be lacking in style choices with pendant lights being the most popular style that was manufactured. Today, kitchen plinth spotlights are an easy way for you to get creative with the lighting in your kitchen. Kickplate lighting can definitely add a special touch. These lights line the underside of cabinets and islands and provide a nice glow. They also bring the illumination in the room from the top down, creating a better-lit space. In this article, we’ll help you figure out which kitchen plinth spotlights are best for your unique space.

How To Choose the Best Kitchen Plinth Spotlights

There are a few factors to consider when choosing your plinth lighting:

  • Because kickplate lighting does more than just illuminate, choosing stylish lights can elevate the appearance of your kitchen. Kickplate lighting is as versatile as most any other kind of light. You can choose both circular and rectangular lighting depending on the aesthetic of the kitchen.
  • The finish of the lights can make a big difference. Gold and silver are the most commonly chosen finishes to slightly emphasise the lighting, but not to make it an eyesore that will negatively attract everyone’s attention. The neutral appeal of these colours makes them easy to fit into most any style of kitchen without clashing, adding to its modern appearance.
  • To ensure you aren’t wasting time and money constantly replacing the lights, be sure you buy ones that are built to last out of high-quality materials. This is especially important given the proximity of this type of light to the floor; it could easily get scuffed up or dirty. Typically for this type of light, metal such as aluminium is a great choice.
  • Because the primary job of LED plinth lighting is to provide illumination, the actual type of light is also important. It is good to have a light with a decent number of lumens emitted to shine proper lighting without being distracting. Not only this, but the colour temperature is important. Choosing a 3000k warm white colour temperature will help these lights blend into the other type of lights in the kitchen.
  • IP rating. Because the kitchen is a room that has wetness and moisture, it couldn’t hurt to check the IP rating of the light before you purchase it. To prevent damage from splashes coming from the stove or sink, this is important. Choose a light that has at least a water-resistant rating, though a waterproof rating would be even better.

Kitchen plinth spotlights bring light down to an often neglected area of the kitchen. With LED plinth lighting, you can extend the lights from floor to ceiling, creating a warmer and more inviting place to be. Our article detailed the importance of kickplate lighting, as well as where you might find it. We also gave a brief buying guide that you can use to make shopping for your new plinth lights a simpler process.

As you browse our collection of kitchen plinth spotlights, be sure to keep this article on hand to navigate your choices more easily.

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