Kitchen Plinth Lighting Ideas for 2022

Kitchen plinth lighting ideas – For many people, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where the most time is spent. Even so, improper illumination is a common issue there, with only a ceiling light overhead providing the light for the entire room. Plinth and kick plate lighting are common choices for kitchens and can truly transform the space into something bursting with life. Have you considered all of the possible ways you can bring your kitchen to life with light?

Where Are the Kick Plates in the Kitchen?

Also known as a toe-kick, the kick plates in kitchens are the little bands of wood or other material that is found down along the underside of your cabinets and appliances. Have a look around the kitchen to find kick plates in the following places:

– Beneath the dishwasher
– Around the base of the kitchen island
– On either side of the oven
– Beneath the sink
– Along the base of any cabinet extending to the floor

By lighting up the kick plates with plinth spotlights or simple kick plate lighting, you can bring the mood of the room up by bringing the light all the way from floor to ceiling.

How Do You Choose the Best Kick Plate Lighting?

Just like you would when choosing lighting or even decor for any other room in the house, you can choose from one of the available options that best suits the appearance of your room. There are many different things that set one plinth light apart from the other, and so examining each one of them before you make your decision will leave you feeling more satisfied with your choice and the finished product.

Aspects of plinth spotlights and other such kick plate lights to look out for when choosing your lights include:

– Colour of the light
– Type of fixture
– Finish of the fixture
– Material of the fixture including glass or metal

Since plinth lights are not meant to be the main source of lighting in your space like an overhead pendant light might be, keep in mind that you won’t necessarily need the brightest and boldest and can instead go off what you think will add the most personality and ambiance to the room. You will also want to be sure that the light you’re interested in is compatible with the type of voltage in your kitchen.

Is It Easy to Install Kick Plate Lighting?

Creating ambient light with kick plates is simple, and it becomes even more so when you get started on bringing your kitchen plinth lighting ideas to life with an easy kit. With a lighting kit, you can spend less time installing your plinth lights and more time enjoying them. These kits come with everything you need to add lights to low level skirting boards and kick boards all in one place for your convenience. In terms of style, our kits come in a variety of different types and colours in order to match any existing colour scheme or design style in your kitchen.


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