Kick Board Lights – Inspiring Low Level Effect Light

Kick board lights are small low level lights that is mainly used as an ornamental type of lighting to enhance or add drama to your interior décor. These type of lights also serve as a type of night light and draws attention to your floor. Kick board lights are also called plinth lighting when used under cabinetry or may be referred to as skirt board lighting when placed in the baseboard around the parameters of a room. What name you use, Kick board lights are a great way to add warmth to your homes décor and can be used in many rooms of your home.

Where You Can Use LED Kick Board Lights

In Your Kitchen

Plinth lighting are used in the kick board around the cabinets in your kitchen and adds a touch of warmth to this room. In some cases, these lights are also placed in the wall below the upper kitchen cabinets and serve to light counter tops. Of course you use these lights to light up the entire base board of your kitchen as well.

In the Bathroom

Kick board lights can also be used in the baseboards of your bathroom or as plinth lighting under your bathroom counters. When used in bathrooms these skirt board lights give spa feel to even the smallest bathroom and can also serve as night light for those needing to use the facilities in the middle of the night.

In the Bedroom

Using skirting lights in your bedroom can change an ordinary bedroom to something a bit more romantic and dramatic. These lights can be placed around the baseboards of the entire room or simply around the the base of a solid bed frame.

In Hallways- Kick board lighting can be installed in the baseboards of hallways especially long hallways such as hotel hallways in order to provide minimal lighting in these darker areas.

Kick Board Lights Come In Sets

Kick board lights normally come in sets usually of 6 or 9 individual lights. The reason for these sets in that normally you need several kick board lights to serve the purpose for which they are designed and placing them in sets usually results in convenience and money savings for those who want these types of lights installed in their home or business.

Kickboard lights do need to wired directly into 240 main so it is recommended that you have a licensed electrician install these lights for you.

LED Skirt Board Lighting

Today more and more people are turning to LED skirting lighting than the more traditional types of lighting for the following reasons.

  • LED lights are long-lasting
  • LED lighting is more energy efficient
  • LED lighting requires very little maintenance
  • LED lighting does not give off excess heat
  • LED lights do not contain any toxic elements
  • LED Lights are environmentally friendly
  • LED lighting is affordable

If you are looking for a new way to enhance your home’s or businesses décor then LED kick board lights may be just what you are looking for.

Kit of 9 x 1 Watt Black LED Kick Board Lights

LDC880 kit of black LED kick board lights

Kit of 9 x 1 Watt Rose Gold LED Kick Board Lights

LDC880 rose gold kit of LED kick board lights

Kit of 9 x 1 Watt Polished Chrome LED Kick Board Lights

LDC880 polished chrome kit of LED kick board lights


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