Pendant Ceiling Lights

Pendant ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs and can look great in many rooms of your homes including your entry way, dining room and kitchen and even your bedroom. Here is a look at how hanging pendant lights are used for each room.

Pendant Ceiling Lights for Your Entry Way

Whether you have a small or large entryway there is a pendant ceiling light that will add the right amount of general lighting to the area. Smaller entryways can look great with a single shaded hanging pendant light in the centre of the room’s ceiling while larger entryways can become more sophisticated with a decorative pendant light with more lights in it.LPL223 LED pendant light - round pendant light

Dining Room Ceiling Pendant Lights

An elegant hanging pendant light looks great over a formal dining room table. There are some great pendant lights with glass globes or even in the shape of round glass bulbs. There are a number of beautiful pendant lights you can choose from that will make the perfect dining room lighting.

Pendant Lights for the Bedroom

If you have a more modern bedroom then you may want to place a small pendant light on each side of your bed rather than a light on your bedside stand. Pendant ceiling lights in your bedroom gives the room a much more modern look and leaves the space on the top of bedside stand free and clear for other necessary items.

Pendant Lights for the Kitchen

There are a couple of places where pendant ceiling lights can come handy in the kitchen. For starters having a linear kitchen island pendant light over your kitchen island can create a well lit work area for preparing food.

If you have a breakfast nook a small pendant light over your table is also a great option for lighting especially for those late night snacks. There are a number of small pendant ceiling lights that will work well in a breakfast nook.

Choose LED Pendant Lighting

When considering pendant lighting for you home, you may want to consider going with LED pendant lighting. LED lights have several benefits you may want to consider. These benefits include:

  • Saves on Energy- LED lighting saves more energy than traditional lighting options can save. In fact in most cases LED lights uses only between 20% and 50% of the lighting used by your lighting options. Saving energy means you save money on your electric bill.
  • Long Lasting- If you are one of the hundreds of people who get tired of changing light bulbs then you will be thrilled to know that LED lights do have any light bulbs that need to be changed and one of these lights will last 20,000, 50,000, 70,000 hours or more. This means years of use before you need to change your LED lights.

You do need to keep in mind that like most other pendant ceiling lights LED lights need to be hard wired directly into your 240 volt main so you will need a qualified electrician to wire your pendant lights for you.

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