LED Pendant Lights – Choose Something Different For Your Home

There are a wide variety of modern ceiling lights available for both homes and businesses, the most popular of which is hanging lights or LED pendant lights. These lights come in a wide variety of different styles and wattages and can be used in almost any room in the home as well as being used in various businesses. Here is a brief look at how various pendant lights.

What is Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is one or more lights that hang from chain or a wire. Normally the chain or wire can be adjusted in length so you can set the light at the distance you want from the work space, table, etc that is designed to provide lighting for.LPL221 LED pendant light - hanging pendant light

Single Pendant Lights with Shades

Single pendant lights with shades are often used in bedrooms in both homes or hotels. May be used over breakfast nooks or even over individual tables in restaurants or pubs. Shades may be clear glass or even painted aluminum depending on the style of modern ceiling light you are looking for and how formal the area is that you are lighting.

Linear Pendant Lights

Linear pendant lights can be used over kitchen islands in both homes and commercial food establishments to provide task lighting for preparing food. These hanging lights come in different lengths so they can accommodate a number of different work islands or spaces.

Linear pendant lights may also be used over conference tables in large businesses where they provide general lighting for meetings and conferences.

More Decorative Pendant Lighting

More decorative LED pendant lights come in a variety of different styles and have a little more formal look. These lights are often used in formal home dining rooms or even scattered on the ceilings of hotel lobbies or even placed in an entryway of a larger office building.

Why Choose LED Pendant Lights?

You may be wondering why you should choose LED pendant lighting over more traditional types of pendant lights. The truth is that is many benefits to LED hanging lights that more traditional lights just don’t have. Here is a look at those benefits.

  • LED pendant lights are the epitome of modern ceiling lights- Since LED lights are made using the latest LED technology and using the best quality materials these lights are the very definition in modern lighting from the choice of materials to the choice of styles.
  • LED Hanging lights are energy efficient- These lights use only between 20% and 50% of the energy used by more traditional lighting. This means that when use LED lights you are reducing the demand of energy on local energy companies as well as saving money on your own energy bill.
  • LED lights are long-lasting- LED lights can last anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours or more depending the individual light you purchase. This means these lights can last years without having to be changed or using a single light bulb.

You do need to have your LED lights hard wired into your 240 electric main and this is best done by a licensed electrician.

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