Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting – How to Choose The Best

When deciding on how to light your kitchen, there are a number of different light styles for you to choose from. Among the most popular kitchen lights is hanging pendant lights. Pendant lights are especially common when used over the kitchen island, as they help to artistically fill in the space between the counter top and ceiling. Kitchen island pendant lighting can make a big difference toward the overall look and feel of your kitchen, regardless of the style or decor type you might have.

How to Choose Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

As you consider what lights you’d like to hang in the kitchen, consider the following points before making your decision.

  • Like with any other kind of light, pendant lights are diverse in what they have to offer in the way of shape. Some pendant lights are small with lampshades that offer a classic pendant lamp look. Another option is long bar-style lights that will illuminate the entire kitchen island in a minimalistic way. This option is particularly well-suited for kitchens with an industrial modern vibe. There are also options that fit in with urban or industrial styles that show off exposed bulbs instead by encasing them in glass shades or some other type of cover.
  • Like many other types of lighting, pendant lighting comes in typical finish colours such as stark black, crisp white or shining chrome. You can opt for one of these neutral-toned colours to easily fit them into any existing decor style or colour scheme. You can choose lights that have more vibrant colour choices such as green or red to create a contrast. Finishes such as this look particularly good in retro-inspired kitchens.
  • Much like any other fixture, you want hanging pendant lights in the kitchen that are going to last for as long as possible. In order to ensure their long life, consider what material the lights are made of. Your best bet is to go with lights in metal housings such as aluminium.
  • IP RATING. Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is the room that also has the potential to become humid due to activities such as cooking and cleaning that use hot water and generate steam. The air in the kitchen does not usually get quite as humid as the bathroom, but it should still be taken into account. Choosing a kitchen light that has an IP rating ready to resist water damage may save you plenty of headaches later.

Pendant lights hanging over your kitchen island are sure to instantly upgrade the look and feel of the space. Regardless of the current style of your kitchen, it can certainly benefit from pendant lights hanging over the island. No matter what the end result is that you are hoping to achieve, you’ll be able to find the best kitchen lights for you here. Keep in mind the above points as you check out our vast selection of pendant lights to be sure you end up with fixtures that best your kitchen and your tastes.


LPL204 20 Watt Brushed Silver Hanging Pendant Light


LPL194 20 Watt Chrome and Black LED Pendant Light

LPL194 20 Watt chrome pendant light

LPL302 20 Watt Green Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

LPL302-GN LED green pendant light


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