Kitchen Island Lighting – Quality Lighting For The Centre of The Home

Kitchen islands are handy places to prepare food both in homes and in restaurant kitchens. However, when using a kitchen island to prepare food your need to have adequate kitchen island lighting to attend to various cooking and food preparation tasks. Pendant lighting is one way to provide adequate task lighting for your Kitchen Island.

These hanging lights come in various sizes and styles so they can accommodate any length of kitchen island from those short little islands to longer islands found in commercial kitchens. Pendant lighting can be hung in as a singular light or you can hang a serious of lights the entire length of the island. You can also choose one light with several different heads attached.

If you have a combined kitchen/dining area you can choose matching pendant lighting for over your kitchen island and your dining table.

How to Choose Your Kitchen Island Lighting

When choosing hanging lights for your kitchen island there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Your kitchen decor- You want to choose pendant lighting to match your overall kitchen décor. If you have an ultra modern kitchen then you are going to want modern lighting to match. If your kitchen is more country style then you want your lights to match that style.
  2. The amount of lighting your need- You always want to consider how much light your kitchen needs. If you have a well lit kitchen, then you may need less kitchen island lighting than you do if your kitchen is not so bright.
  3. The amount of food preparation you actually do- If you do a lot of cooking from scratch where you spend a lot of time chopping and cutting vegetables and other types of food preparation that requires good lighting.
  4. Whether or not you use your island for eating as well as food prep- you also may want to consider whether or not you use your kitchen island for quick meals or snacks as well as for food preparation. If so you may want lighting that can be dimmed for more romantic snacking or late night meals.

Should You Choose LED Lighting for Your Kitchen Island

You may be wondering if you should should choose LED lighting for the pendant lighting over your kitchen lighting. To make a decision you need to consider the benefits that LED hanging lights can provide. These benefits include:

  • LED Lighting is Long-Lasting- These lights will last 20,000 to 70,000 hours depending on the specific light and the manufacture.
  • LED Kitchen Island Lighting is energy efficient- LED lights are very energy efficient using only about 20% to 50% of the energy more traditional lighting uses.
  • LED Hanging Lights are Environmentally Friendly- LED lights are also better for the environment than more traditional lighting since these lights use less energy, contain no toxic elements, and are 100% recyclable.

Do keep in mind that pendant lighting needs to be hard wired into your 240 electric main and the wiring should be done by a qualified and licensed electrician.

LPL335 20 Watt Up and Down Kitchen Island Lighting

LPL335 20 watt modern hanging pendant kitchen island lighting

LPL354 6 Watt Globe Design Kitchen Island Lighting

LPL354 6 watt round globe kitchen island lighting

LPL350 4 Watt Beech Wood Hanging Pendant Light

LPL350 4 watt beech wood hanging kitchen island lighting

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