Ways to Use Modern Stunning Hanging Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights – Interior lighting is certainly important to every home and business and has been since the beginning of mankind whether that lighting was those fires the cavemen built, those candles and lanterns that marked the 1700 and 1800’s or the modern lights of today. In fact, there are more lighting options today than at any other time in history. Today ceiling lights have become so popular and can be found in one form another in almost every home or business. Here are just some of the places you will find interior ceiling lights.


Modern warehouses often have several long linear lights scattered across the ceiling to provide task lighting for running heavy equipment, doing inventory, and stacking boxes. In other words to provide proper lighting to aid in the proper functioning of the ware house.

Linear hanging lights are also used in both commercial kitchens and over residential kitchen Islands for task lighting.

How to Use Hanging Pendant Lights in Dining Areas

Hanging pendant lights are used for dining areas in pubs, restaurants, and over residential dining room tables. Hanging lights used in dining areas run the gambit from simple shaded lighting to beautiful and artistic chandeliers and just about everything in between.

In the Bedroom

Hanging pendant lights are also used as bedside lighting in bedrooms. These hanging pendant lights are used in pairs with one light placed on each side of the bed. Bedside lighting is normally carefully chosen to match the bedroom’s décor.

Why Modern LED Ceiling Lighting Is Increasing In Popularity

With growing concerns about the environment and our reliance on fossil fuels, LED ceiling lights are becoming increasingly popular. These lights offer several benefits that more traditional types of lighting do not. These benefits include:

  • Less Energy Consumption- LED lighting uses less energy than other types of lighting 50% to 80% by recent estimates. This means that LED lights reduces the demand for traditional energy while saving you money on those energy bills.
  • Long-Lasting- LED lighting is long-lasting providing you with 20,000 to 70,000 hours of light or more from a single light and there are no light bulbs to change, so you spend less time on maintenance leaving you more free time to attend to other chores.
  • LED Ceiling Lighting Don’t Add to Global Warming- Unlike more traditional lighting options that gives wastes energy in the form of heat LED lighting burns cooler so they don’t add to global warming.
  • LED Lights Are Free of Toxic Elements- Unlike fluorescent lighting that contains mercury Led lighting does not carry any toxic elements that can seep into the environment affecting the soil and ground water.
  • LED Lighting is Better For The Environment- When you consider that Led lights use less electricity, require no light bulbs that need to be disposed of, don’t give off excess heat, and contain no toxic elements it is easy to see that this type of lighting is very environmentally friendly. Add to that the fact that these light are 100% recyclable and you have the perfect lighting for the environmentally conscious.

Do keep in mind however, that LED lighting does need to be installed by a qualified electrician as these lights are hard wired directly into your 240 electric main.

LPL356 5 Watt Hexagonal LED Hanging Pendant Lights

LPL356 5 watt modern LED hanging pendant lights

LPL348 5 Watt Wooden LED Hanging Pendant Lights

LPL348 5 watt wooden LED hanging pendant lights

LPL335 20 Watt Modern Up and Down Hanging Pendant Lights

LPL335 20 watt modern up and down hanging pendant lights

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