How to Create a Stunning Feature Hanging Kitchen Lights

Your kitchen lighting is important to the proper functioning of your kitchen. Hanging kitchen lights can provide both function and aesthetics to your kitchen regardless of your overall kitchen décor. A nice looking pendant light looks great hanging over a table in your kitchen nook or over a kitchen island.

Different Designs of Hanging Kitchen Lights

There are a variety of different styles of hanging kitchen lights you can choose from ranging from simple single lights with a painted aluminium shade to beautiful designed pendant lights consisting of several lights arranged in modern and/or interesting designs. Best of all a pendant light can be combined with other types of kitchen lighting to help provide adequate lighting to every corner of your kitchen to provide both ambient and task lighting.

When choosing a pendant light for your kitchen, you need to consider your kitchen décor, where you plan to hang the light, and the purpose you want the light to serve. The larger area you want the pendant light to cover, the larger light you will need.

Best Type of Hanging Kitchen Lights For Your Kitchen

You also need to decide what is the best type of pendant light for kitchen. Today more and more people are choosing LED pendant lighting for a number of different reasons. These reasons include:

  • LED Lighting is Long-Lasting- People want their kitchen lighting to be reliable and the fact that LED lighting is extremely long lasting offering between 20,000 and 70,000 hours of light (depending on the company and the light itself) before the light ever needs to be changed. Thus providing you with years of reliable worry free lighting.
  • LED Lighting is Energy Efficient- LED lighting is energy efficient normally costing at least 50% less to run than more traditional lighting options. This not only saves you money on your energy bill, but reduces the demand for electricity on your local energy company.
  • LED Lighting Does Not Contain Any Toxins- LED lighting unlike some other types of lighting does not contain any toxic elements (such as led or mercury) making these lights safer for your family (should the light break in your home) that other types of lighting may be.
  • LED Lighting Does Not Give Off Excess Heat- Traditional lighting such as halogen, incandescent or fluorescent lighting all give off heat as waste. In many instances these lights give off enough heat to actually raise the temperature of a room, which in hot summer months may force you to set your air conditioner at a lower temperature to compensate for the excess heat. Since LED lighting does not give off any excess heat you don’t have to worry about these lighting heating up your home or business.
  • LED Hanging Kitchen Lights are Environmentally Friendly- LED lighting is environmentally friendly. Not only are these lights energy efficient, don’t contain any toxic elements, and don’t give off excess heat, they are also 100% recyclable.

Do keep in mind that LED lighting does need to be wired directly into your 110/240 electric main, so it is recommended that wiring be done by a professional electrician.

LPL364 5 Watt LED Hanging Kitchen Lights

LPL364 5 watt modern hanging kitchen lights

LPL354 6 Watt Globe Style Hanging Kitchen Lights

LPL354 6 watt globe shaped hanging kitchen lights

LPL350 4 Watt Beech Wood Hanging Kitchen Lights

LPL350 4 watt beech wood hanging kitchen lights

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