Breakfast Bar Pendant Lights – How to Use Them in a Kitchen

Breakfast bar pendant lights – The kitchen is more than a place where cooking and cleaning take place. Often, families will enjoy drinks and meals at the breakfast bar. While usually the main lights considered for this location are the pendant lights, there are also other types of lights to consider. One of the most commonly overlooked areas when it comes to lighting is the breakfast bar area.

At the breakfast bar, there is plenty of room for you to add fresh lighting. Smaller pendant lights are a good choice. Breakfast bar pendant lights tend to be more compact than other kinds of pendants and have the potential to hang down quite a distance. In this way, they can not only provide enhanced kitchen lighting, but hanging pendant lights can also add style to your space.

What Are the Types of Hanging Pendant Lights?

Breakfast bar pendant lights come in a variety of styles and colour options: 

– HEXAGONAL. This shape is good for those who want to add something modern to their space without overwhelming it. Hexagonal lights bring with them contemporary charm as well as plenty of style.

– HONEYCOMB. Honeycomb breakfast bar pendant lights bring geometric lighting to a new level. They double up on the hexagonal shape to create a more detailed and unique silhouette.

– ROUNDED. Rounded pendant lights are a good option for those with a more transitional space. They offer a clean and modern look without stepping too far into the future.

– ARTISTIC. Choosing artistic-style lights adds personality to your space. This type of light can make your breakfast bar an exciting place to be so that it gets used more. Artistic lights include both lights that are vibrantly coloured as well as uniquely shaped.

How To Choose the Best Breakfast Bar Kitchen Lighting  

– STYLE. First and foremost, decide how you want the lights to look. Choosing a pendant light with the right shape in mind can help you bring your new kitchen to life.

– MATERIAL. To ensure that the light lasts for as long as possible, it’s important to choose lights that are durable. This includes lights fabricated out of premium metal such as aluminium. Aluminium doesn’t easily show signs of wear and tear, nor does it wear down. 

– COLOUR. The colour you choose for your pendant lights can go a long way toward the overall appearance of your space. You can choose lights with a simple black, silver or golden-toned finish to keep things simple. You could also opt for a more brightly coloured light to add some artistic flair and personality to your space. 

– LIGHT COLOUR. Choosing the type of illumination for your space is an important step. Most commonly, lights tend to have a colour temperature of 3000k warm white. By choosing this type of pendant light colour, you can be sure it matches well with the existing colour of your other lights.

There are many different ways to spice up your kitchen. LED breakfast bar pendant lights are one of them. In this article, we’ve explored various types as well as provided you with a short buying guide.

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