Black Pendant Light Fittings – Create Lovely Contemporary Style Statements

Pendant lighting fittings come in various styles, sizes and colours, however, black pendant light fittings are increasing in popularity. Black pendant lighting is ultra modern looking and looks great with almost type of décor.

What is Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting are light fixtures that are hung from ceiling either by chains or wires. In most cases the chains or wires are adjustable so you can raise or lower the lights to a suitable light to meet your needs.

Pendant lights are often hung over kitchen islands or dining tables. You can also find over work areas to provide task lighting. Pendant lights also look great hanging over a bar in a pub and in numerous other places as well. Some people hang a pendant light on either side of the bed instead of using a reading lamp or one that is placed on a stand.

You can find pendant light fittings in homes, garages as well as many different businesses making these types of light extremely versatile.

Black pendant lighting fixtures also come in different shapes and styles from a single light with a traditional looking shade, to linear lights with three or more light heads build right into the light.

When used correctly pendant light can enhance your room’s or business’s décor while providing light in the areas that need it the most.

What are the Advantages of a Black Pendant Light

Today more and more people are choosing LED hanging lights over more traditional options for a variety of different reasons. Here are just some of reasons why home and business owners prefer LED pendant lighting.

  • Looks- Pendant lighting is well made and is ultra modern looking adding a bit of drama to most décor. Black pendant lighting can especially look dramatic placed in a room where the walls are white and the furniture tends to be a light neutral color.
  • Well Made- LED lights are almost all exceptionally well made since manufacturers of these types of light use only high quality materials and the latest LED technology. The result is a light that not only looks great, but performs well too.
  • LED hanging lights are energy efficient- LED lighting only uses about 50% of the power other lighting options need. If you have a large building with a lot of lights, choosing LED lighting throughout can result in significant savings on your energy bill each month.
  • LED Lights are long-lasting- Unlike more traditional lighting options that require you to change your light bulbs every couple of weeks to couple of months LED lighting can last 3, 5, 10 years or more depending on the life-expectancy of the LED in the light you purchase.
  • LED lighting is low maintenance- Since there are no light bulbs to change LED lighting requires very little maintenance beyond the normal dusting.
  • LED Lighting is better for the Environment- LED lighting is better for the environment than more traditional lighting sources. Not only do they use less energy, they also produce less waste because you don’t have as many light bulbs to throw away, They also don’t cast off excess heat which can add to global warming, and the lights are 100% recyclable.

LED pendant lighting does need to be hard wired into your electric main so make sure you hire a qualified electrician to install your lights for you.

LPL364 5 Watt Black Pendant Light Fitting

LPL364 5 watt LED black pendant light

LPL223 9 Watt Black LED Pendant Light

LPL223 9 watt LED black pendant light

LPL159 20 Watt Linear Black Pendant Light

LPL159 20 watt linear black pendant light


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