Best Types of Up And Down Outside Lights

Up and Down Outside Lights – Most homes and businesses across the UK have one of more different types of exterior lighting. Exterior lighting actually provides a number of benefits for any home or business, the most important of which is to provide an extra margin of safety against break-ins or vandalism.

How to Use Up and Down Outside Lights For Security

It may seem strange that something as simple as up and down outside lights can provide safety for your home or business, but the truth is that burglars and vandals prefer to work in the dark, where the chances of them being seen or identified are minimal. When you have lighting outside your building, then the chances of being seen increases, which may make your home or business less of a target than other homes or businesses that do have ample outdoor lighting.

Up and down outside lights are a good choice for lighting the exterior of your home near your entryways for a number of reasons.

First because up and down outside lights allows the light beams to shine both up and down from the light fixture which can make it easy for your find your way to your door in the dark and also see where to fit your key once you get to the door.

Second, because when you have lighting just outside of your doorway it serves as a warm welcome for any guests coming to your home after the sun goes down.

When choosing Up and Down Outside Lights, choosing LED lighting is the best option for a number of different reasons. These reasons include:

  • Durability- LED lighting can better withstand cooler temperatures than more traditional types of lighting, which makes these lights better for use as exterior lighting when winter approaches and the temperatures drop.
  • Energy Efficiency- LED lights are energy efficient. These lights only use a portion of the energy that more traditional lighting options require, which means that these lights cost less to run saving you money on your energy bill and reducing the demand on your local energy company.
  • Long-Lasting- LED lighting is long-lasting. Depending on specific lights these lights can provide you with 20,000, 50,000 or more hours of light before they need to be changed, this means that an LED light will run for years once it has been installed.
  • LED Lights are Maintenance Free- Since LED lights do not require any light bulbs that need to be continually changed they need very little maintenance during the entire lifetime of the light. Best of all once you no longer need these lights they are completely recyclable.
  • LED Lights Are Well Made- LED lights are normally made using only the best materials and the latest LED technology. This results in well made great looking exterior lighting that is sure to enhance the exterior of your home.

However, because LED lights do need to be hard wired into your 240 volt electric main we strongly urge you to have the wiring of these lights done by licensed professional electrician both for your safety and that of your home or business.

LWA409 6 Watt Black Up and Down Outside Lights

LWA409 black up and down outside lights

LWA281 9 Watt Black Up and Down Garden Wall Light

LWA281 9 watt black up and down outside lights

LWA399 40 Watt Large Black Exterior Wall Light

LWA399 40 watt large black up and down outside lights

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