How to Choose The Right Patio Wall Lights

If you are looking for a couple of patio wall lights to light up your patio so you can enjoy spending time out of doors entertaining family and friends during the warmer months of the year then you will be pleased to know that outdoor wall lights come in a wide variety of different style and looks.

Patio wall lights are a type of garden lighting that hangs on the wall and these lights can range from the old fashioned wall sconce to modern looking cube or round wall lights.

Outdoor wall lights can be used to providing lighting to patio, by your home, garage or carriage house door, or to be placed on free standing walls to provide ambient lighting for walkways.

Choosing the Right Patio Wall Lights to Meet Your Needs

Not every outdoor wall light is suitable for every need. This means that you need to consider exactly the type of light you need before purchasing this type of garden light.

One of your first considerations should be your overall exterior décor. If you have a modern looking house, then an ultra modern outdoor light may be preferable to a more old fashioned styled light. On the other hand if you have a a rustic little cottage with a garden patio, you may want a sconce style patio light that is more suited to to older style homes.

Your next consideration should be where you intend to place the light and what purpose it is meant to serve. If you are looking for a light to light up the area around your front or back door then you may want a light focuses the beam both up and down to provide general lighting for the area and also to shine light on your door so you can see to fit your key in the lock after dark.

If you simply want to generally light an area of your yard or garden then a garden wall light that focuses the light around the light onto the wall and outward a bit may work best.

The last thing you may want to consider is whether to purchase LED patio wall lights or a more traditional type of lighting for your outdoor needs.

The Benefits of LED Patio Wall Lights

While the choice of LED lighting or traditional lighting is strictly up to you LED lighting has may benefits that make them worth considering. Some of these benefits include:

  • Durability- LED outdoor lights can withstand colder temperatures than more traditional types of lighting. They will continue to working when the temperature drops when other lights may fail.
  • Long-Lasting- LED lighting lasts 6 times than more traditional lights so you will have little maintenance with these lights and will get use of use out them before they ever need to be changed.
  • LED lights are energy efficient- In fact, these lights are about 80% more efficient than more traditional lighting options, which can save you money on your energy bill.

LED patio wall lights do need to be installed by a licensed electrician for your safety and the safety of your home.

LWA217 12 Watt Wall Washer Patio Wall Lights

LWA217 12 watt wall washer patio wall lights

LWA435 6 Watt Round Outdoor Wall Lights

LWA435 6 watt round LED patio wall lights

LWA372 6 Watt Up and Down Patio Wall Lights

LWA372 6 watt up and down brass patio wall lights

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