How To Use Outside Lantern Wall Lights

Outside lantern wall lights – Exterior lights are every bit as important as the lights you choose for your interior space. You have the chance to create an expressive space that is every bit as detailed as what is within the walls. Because of this, having proper lighting outdoors should be something you prioritise when you are landscaping or building a new home. Fortunately, there are a variety of different LED outdoor wall lights for you to choose from. No matter the atmosphere of your outdoor living space or home’s exterior decoration, there is something for you. It just comes down to choosing the right outside lantern wall lights.

What Are the Types of Outside Lantern Wall Lights Available?

  • WALL WASHING LIGHTS. Wall washing lights are as decorative as they are illuminating. Not only do they shine plenty of light, but they also send that light up and down the walls behind it for some added flair. These are ideal for spaces that need a little extra personality.
  • ROUND LIGHTS. For exteriors that are more on the transitional side, round lights will work well. This shape fits in well with traditional and transitional spaces, thanks to the curves instead of the lines and angles.
  • SPIKE LIGHTS. For spaces that need a little extra decoration, spike lights as your LED outdoor wall lights are a good choice. Not only do they provide illumination, but they also give the space personality through their unique shape. They can be arranged in clusters to give the space an even more artistic look with plenty of personality.
  • SQUARE LIGHTS. Square lights have sleek lines and angles that are particularly well-suited for modern spaces. The minimalism and geometry of it all can help add something sleek and sharp to your exterior.
  • GLASS LIGHTS. Frosted lights are a great way to add some decoration to your space as well as illumination. This type of outside lantern wall lights have a frosted glass diffuser that helps soften the light as it comes out. The result is something as pleasant to look at as it is efficient to light up.

How Do You Choose the Best Outside Wall Lantern Lights?

  • Depending on whether your exterior is modern or not, you can consider which options from the garden light styles available will best suit it. The style and shape will be the first things that stand out to guests, so make it count.
  • To be sure that your outside lantern wall lights last as long as possible, opt for garden wall lighting that is manufactured out of metal, preferably aluminium.
  • IP RATING. Since these lights will be outdoors, they will naturally be exposed to the elements. This is important to keep in mind when shopping for new lights. Check out the IP ratings in the listings to make sure they are moisture resistant, especially if you don’t plan to have them protected under an awning.

Regardless of the type of outdoor space you want to illuminate, you’re sure to find the perfect outside lantern wall lights here on our site. Shop for yours today.


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