Why Homes Should Have Outside Garden Wall Lights

Outside garden wall lights – Lighting plays a massive role in the overall design and atmosphere of your living space. This applies to your outdoor living space as much as it applies to the interior. Having adequate illumination can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to safety. Outside garden wall lights are a quick and easy way to make your outdoor living space easier to navigate. It can also make it more comfortable for you and your guests.

What Are the Different Types of Exterior Wall Lighting?

Outdoor lighting for walls comes in a variety of styles and types to choose from. This makes it simple for you to not only light up your outdoor space but to improve its appearance as well. Some of the most common shapes of outside garden wall lights include cube, circular, conical and cylindrical.

  • CUBE LIGHTS. Cube-shaped outdoor lighting is good for homes that have a modern vibe to them. Cube lights have clean lines and angles that give them a contemporary look, perfect for adding flair to your outdoor space.
  • CIRCULAR LIGHTS. For those who want something softer in appearance, circular lights are a good choice. They provide illumination without catching the eye as much as a cube light can.
  • CONICAL LIGHTS. These lights tend to stand out because they are on a spike post, giving them a more dramatic look and feel.

There are also wall washing lights and lights without a wall washing effect. A wall washing effect will shine a light up and down the wall itself, creating more decorative illumination than lights that just glow from within.

How To Choose the Best Outside Garden Wall Lights

  • Before anything else, you should decide how you want the light itself to look. You can choose from one of the many available shapes depending on the type of aesthetic your home has.
  • Since the light is outdoors, it is more important than ever to make sure it is well-built. One of the most reliable materials to use for outdoor lights is aluminium. This material is resistant to wear over time and will keep up its appearance.
  • IP RATING. For similar reasons, you should make sure that the light has an IP rating that signifies it is capable of withstanding the weather. This is true regardless of whether you have the lights under an awning as they can still be exposed to moisture.
  • Choose a finish that best suits the exterior or your home or garden wall. Outdoor wall lights often come in finishes like gold, black, white, silver or chrome.

Outdoor lighting is a quick way to transform your outdoor living space into one you will love to exist in. In this article, we’ve taken a look at the various types of exterior wall lighting you have to choose from. We also gave you a quick buying guide to help you choose the one that is right for you. Browse our selection of outside garden wall lights today to find your own.


LWA369 3 Watt Brass Finish Outside Garden Wall Lights

LWA369 3 Watt Brass Finish Outdoor LED wall light


LWA310 5 Watt Black Outside Garden Wall Lights

LWA310 outdoor wall light

LWA386 12 Watt Round Black Outdoor Wall Light

LWA386 black round outside garden wall lights

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