How to Style Your Garden With Outdoor Wall Mounted Lighting

When most people think of garden lighting they normally think of spike lighting that is used to highlight various plants and statuary in your garden or along your walkway. However, the right outdoor wall mounted lighting can be just as important to your outdoor décor as those spike lights for a number of different reasons.

Reasons to Use Outdoor Wall Mounted Lighting

  • Exterior wall lights can increase the value of your property. When people see that an exterior of a house or building is well lit they tend to have a better overall impression of the property as a whole and this increased the curb appeal and therefore the value of your property.
  • Outdoor wall mounted lighting increases the usefulness of your outdoor living space. Whether you have an old fashion wrap around or screened in porch, a modern deck or a patio attached to the side of your house, exterior wall lights can provide these outdoor living spaces with adequate light to entertain after dark. This allows you to use your outdoor living spaces much more during that warm summer weather.
  • Outdoor wall mounted lighting adds more safety to your home. Let’s face it crime is on the rise everywhere these days and thieves and vandals tend to target homes and businesses that are surrounded in darkness. By having a wall mounted light next your front and back door and on any out buildings you may have thieves and vandals are much likely to pass your property by knowing that the risk of their being seen and recognized increases because of the outdoor wall mounted lighting around the exterior of your home.
  • Outdoor wall mounted lighting functions as a guiding light. Having an exterior wall light by your door serves a guiding light to both guests and residents of your home when arriving after dark leading them right up to the door.

However, too many times people install exterior wall lights and few months down the road get tired of these lights constantly needing their light bulbs changed and wish that there was a light that was more long-lasting and required less maintenance. Well there is. LED outdoor wall mounted lighting is both long lasting and maintenance free. Once one of these lights are hard wired directly into your 240 volt electric main they can provide you with 20,000 hours of light or more before they need to be changed. And these lights don’t use light bulbs so they are almost completely maintenance free other than the occasional dusting.

LED lights also offer several other benefits as well including:

  • They are energy efficient using only a fraction of the electricity more conventional lighting options use. This not only reduces demands on the power company it also saves you money on your own energy bill.
  • LED lights are also environmentally friendly. Less of the energy they draw goes to waste, they contain no toxic elements and these lights are 100% recyclable.

LWA288 6 Watt Up and Down Outdoor Wall Light

LWA288 6 watt outdoor wall mounted lighting

LWA369 3 Watt Brass Finish Exterior Wall Light

LWA369 3 watt brass outdoor wall mounted lighting

LWA409 6 Watt Black Decorative Outdoor Wall Light

LWA409 6 watt black decorative outdoor wall mounted lighting

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