Why Use Outdoor Patio Lights For Extra Home Security

Outdoor patio lights – Patios and other outdoor spaces can provide you and your family during the good weather months as long as you have good outdoor patio lights so that you can freely use the space. Outside lights can provide you with enough light to dine, participate in various activities and for entertaining guests.

How to Use Outdoor Patio Lights To Protect Your Home

Outdoor wall lights also can provide additional safety for your home and property since they can help protect your property from burglars.

People who are looking to break into your home, prefer to work in the dark. They don’t want to have an outdoor patio light shinning on them when they are attempting to break in. They prefer homes that don’t have any outside lights or homes who don’t have their outside lights on. Choosing to have your patio lights or garden wall lights on a motion detector sensor actually serves to frighten away would be burglars because when they approach the house the lights automatically turn on, which more often than not stops would be thieves in their tracks.

In addition, outdoor patio lights can add value to your homes for several reasons including the fact that these outdoor wall lights can be used to show off special features of your home giving your home added curb appeal, they also increase the safety of your home, and extends the use of your outdoor space.

Why Use LED Type Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

Here at Ultra Beam lighting we provide our customers with a wide array of outdoor patio or garden wall lights. Our outside lights are suitable for both home and hotel use and provides adequate lighting for you to enjoy the great out of doors.

Our patio lights range in wattage from 1 watt to 24 watts. Our 1 watt lights can be mounted low on the wall to provide lights for walkways while our higher wattage lights can provide good lighting for entertaining at night.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we specialize in LED lighting, which can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Long Lasting- Our LED lights are extremely long lasting averaging 20,000 hours of light per bulb. That is about 20 times longer than most standard light bulbs last. This is a great benefit especially if your outdoor patio lights are mounted higher up on the walls.
  • Saves Money- While LED lights are more costly than traditional lights the fact that they are longer lasting and uses less energy results in you saving money over a good period of time.
  • Better for the Environment- LED lights are better for the environment since they don’t emit CO2 gasses like traditional light bulbs.
  • Great Guarantee- We provide a 3 year guarantee for each and every one of our lights.
  • Unique Ultra Modern Designs- We design our own outdoor patio lights so we can provide you with unique designs. All of our lights are ultra modern so they will look great on the outside of your home, hotel or business.

When purchasing any Garden wall lights you should always have them installed by a professional qualified electrician.

LWA371 3 Watt Brass Finish Outdoor LED Wall Light

LWA371 3 Watt polished brass garden wall light

LWA397 20 Watt Black Outdoor LED Wall Light

LWA397 20 watt black up and down outdoor wall light

LWA397 20 Watt Square Black Outdoor Wall Light

LWA397 20 watt square black outdoor patio lights

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