How to Use Outdoor Eyelid Lights Outside Your Home

Outdoor eyelid lights – Exterior lighting is a part of decorating your outdoor space. Not only does it add style to the exterior of the home, but it also adds necessary lighting. Because of this, putting as much care into your exterior wall lighting as you do your interior is important. It can not only make your home or business look more attractive on the outside; it can also make it a safer and more comfortable place for your guests to be at night.

Types of Modern Garden Lighting

  • PATH LIGHTS. Path lights like bollard lights and spike lights are better for lighting the ground area. They can outline paths in the garden and driveway or shine light on specific things in the garden itself. These are good if you want to add some visibility further from the home or business.
  • WALL LIGHTS. Wall lights are intended to directly light the sides of the home. These lights attach to the wall or sit recessed inside of them, shining light while dressing up the area at the same time. One of the most stylish types of wall lights is outdoor eyelid lights.

What Are Outdoor Eyelid Lights?

Outdoor eyelid lights get their name from their circular shape with a little lip over the top. Thus, they take on the appearance of a blinking eyelid. They tend to have diffusers that create a warmer glow for the light. This makes them more pleasant on the eyes while still shining plenty of light by which to see at night.

How To Choose the Best Exterior Wall Lighting

  • Once you have decided on outdoor eyelid lights, one of the first things you should think about will be their finish. The finish is often available in chrome, black or white. These neutral colours make it simple for you to incorporate them into your outdoor space without having to worry about them clashing. It ultimately comes down to your simple preferences.
  • Since these lights will be mounted outdoors, the material they are made of and their longevity are important. Metal is a common choice for these lights. Among these metals, aluminium is king. This metal is lightweight but durable and resistant to the elements. This makes the metal a good choice even for lights that are not tucked away and partially protected under awnings.
  • IP RATING. The outdoor nature of these lights will mean they are exposed to moisture and precipitation. For this reason, you should choose an eyelid light that has the proper IP rating. A waterproof IP rating will make the light more wear-resistant and prevent shorting out in rain or snow.

Outdoor eyelid lights are a stylish choice for any hotel, business or home. In this article, we’ve explained what outdoor eyelid lights are as well as their benefits. We have also put together some tips on choosing the best outdoor wall lights for you. Browse our site to find your new outdoor eyelid light fixture today.


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