How to Choose The Best Modern Outdoor Wall Sconce

Modern outdoor wall sconce – The way you decorate your outdoor space is as important as the way you decorate and light your interior areas. Some may argue that it is even more important because you must be able to safely see to navigate the outside spaces. Having proper lighting outside of your home, business or hotel can go a long way toward making your guests feel safer approaching the building. It could also provide a better first impression on those who arrive.

What Are Exterior Wall Fittings?

Exterior wall lighting is what its name suggests—light that attaches to the side of the wall. Modern outdoor wall sconce fittings are a popular choice in this endeavor. Not only do they provide helpful illumination at night, but they also decorate the space. Many types of garden wall lighting fixtures are designed to be as stylish as they are beneficial and helpful for seeing.

Some modern outdoor wall sconce fittings offer a wall washing effect that adds to its overall visual appeal. These lights shine a light that extends above and below it and sometimes on either side of it. The result is a washing effect that casts a soft glow on the wall and enhances its appearance. Some garden wall lights are more focused on casting the beam of light straight ahead of them instead. These are better for direct illumination.

How To Choose the Best Modern Outdoor Wall Sconce

  • WALL WASHERS. You should consider whether you want a light that has a wall washing effect or not. Choosing this may come down to whether or not you prefer more direct illumination or if you’d like to also give it a decorative look.
  • Alongside the wall washing effects, you should consider the actual shape of the modern outdoor wall sconce. They come in different shapes though the most common are circular and rectangular wall sconces. Some have a cylindrical design that gives them more of a spotlight appearance. Often, this style of light has a wall washing effect.
  • The material of the light is important, especially since it will be outside. When it is outside, it runs the risk of being exposed to the elements. With a strong build, it can resist the effects. The most common material for this job is metal, and of the metals, aluminium is quite popular. Aluminium is durable and weather resistant and will continue to look its best for years to come.
  • When you have decided on the above, you can consider the colour of the light. The finishes often come in neutral hues of black or white, though some come in metallic colours. You can opt for a light that will work well in your existing design space or one that will contrast against it for a more modern appearance.

There are many garden wall lighting options to choose from when it comes to lighting your outdoor space. In this article, we have detailed a few of them and provided a short buying guide to assist you in your shopping.


LWA366 3 Watt Black Modern Outdoor Wall Sconce

LWA366 modern black outdoor wall light fitting

LWA310 5 Watt Black Modern Outdoor Wall Sconce

LWA310 outdoor wall light

LWA382 4 Watt Round Outdoor Wall Light

LWA382 4 watt round modern outdoor wall sconce

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