LED Garden Wall Lights – How To Choose The Best Types

When it comes to choosing lighting for your home, many homeowners tend to put most of their focus on the lighting for their interiors and neglect to consider how exterior lighting can transform their outdoor living spaces. LED garden wall lights are something that should not be overlooked, both because they provide helpful lighting with which to better see in your garden and to add higher visual appeal to the area.

Why Do You Need Exterior Lighting?

Homes that are not well lit on the outside can not only leave their exteriors looking drab and bland, but this lack of light can also make it difficult to navigate the path from the street to the front door. Having outdoor wall lighting eliminates this issue while also bringing with it plenty of decoration for a two-in-one deal. LED garden wall lights can also help you enjoy a more comfortable and convenient outdoor living area to give you a nice, relaxing space to spend balmy summer evenings instead of being stuck inside at night.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Wall Lighting

Before deciding on any LED garden wall lights, it is important to consider the finished result you are expecting and whether or not the light will meet your specific needs. Much like you would with any other fixture for your space, there are some things to take into account:

  • – COLOUR OF THE FINISH. Whether you are hoping to fit the light into the existing colour of the exterior wall of your home or garden or are looking for something that will provide an interesting contrast, the colour of the finish is important.
  • – SHAPE AND DESIGN. Exterior lights come in unique shapes with plenty of visual appeal, from simple circular shapes to pointier cone shapes and everything in between. You can go for traditional or bold shapes, depending on the personality of your home.
  • – DURABILITY. When it comes to exterior lighting that will be exposed to the elements including extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and precipitation, making sure you have a weatherproof light is crucial. This remains true even if you intend to have them installed underneath the cover of an awning or other such structure. Many LED garden wall lights come with an IP rating that will protect them against moisture and other such elements, enduring they last as long as possible.
  • – BULB LIFE. In order to maximise the use of your purchase, you will want to look for a light fixture with a long life. In most cases, you will find bulbs that last for as long as 20,000 hours, which will give you plenty of light for a long period of time.

Final Thoughts

LED garden wall lights can really change the way your outdoor living area looks and operates, and with our exterior lighting options that are unique to only our company, you’re sure to find totally one-of-a-kind fixtures that will make your house stand out in the neighborhood. Browse our collection today and find the best outdoor light for your home.


LWA386 12 Watt Round Black LED Garden Wall Light

LWA386 12 Watt round black garden LED wall light

LWA288 6 Watt Black Garden Wall Light Fitting

LWA288-BK outdoor wall light

LWA312 5 Watt LED Garden Wall Lights

LWA312 outdoor wall light

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