How to Create The Best Effect With Garden Wall Lighting

Garden wall lighting – When you are creating an inviting outdoor space, having proper lighting is crucial. Not only does proper illumination enhance the safety of the space, but it can help decorate it, too. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons you should consider outdoor wall lights. We will also provide a brief buying guide on how to choose the best ones for you.

Why Should You Have Garden Wall Lighting?


  • Lights, first and foremost, are designed to illuminate a space and make it easier to see. This is especially important in larger outdoor spaces that have a lot of items you can trip over. Having proper illumination can make it easier to navigate your outdoor space and keep you and your guests safer while spending time outdoors.
  • STAIR LIGHTING. At night, walking up and down the stairs can be dangerous if you cannot see where you’re going properly. By using modern exterior wall lights as step lighting, you can make it easier to navigate these areas.
  • Lights are as decorative as they are illuminating. By adding garden wall lighting with style, you can dress up your outdoor living space. The result will be an outdoor space that is as inviting and comfortable as the indoor areas.

How To Choose the Best Garden Wall Lighting?


Modern exterior wall lights are as varied in options as any other type of light. Therefore, it may take a bit of searching to find the right one for your unique space. Think about the following elements before making your choice.

  • Decide on the type of light you want before anything else. Are you interested in rounded lights or square ones? Do you prefer recessed lighting or wall mounted lighting? If you do want surface lighting, do you want wall washing lights or not?
  • When determining the shape and style of the light, considering the finish at the same time is a good idea. Many outdoor lights are meant to blend in well with the environment; you can expect that the available finishes will be neutral hues like black, grey and white. Choose one that best suits the appearance of your outdoor space for best results.
  • To be sure the light will outlast the years, especially outdoors, it is important to choose premium materials. One of the most recommended materials is metal, and of the metals, aluminium tends to be the best choice for outdoor lighting.
  • LIGHT TYPE. Choose a light colour that is gentle on the eyes during the night but still effective, such as a 3000k warm white colour temperature. This temperature also matches easily with any existing garden wall lighting you may have.

Outside wall lights can go a long way toward helping you create a garden place where you are proud to host guests. Regardless of the type of lights you want to install, you’re sure to find them here on our site. Browse our extensive collection of garden wall lighting and keep the points above in mind to make your shopping experience simpler.


LWA371 3 Watt Brass Outdoor LED Wall Light

LWA371 3 Watt polished brass garden wall light


LWA409 6 Watt Black Decorative Outdoor Wall Light

LWA409 6 Watt Black Decorative Wall Washer Outdoor Wall Light

LWA211 6 Watt Black Garden Wall Light

LWA211 black garden wall lighting


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