Garden Wall Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Most people know that garden wall lighting can enhance the beauty and the safety of your home, but many people simply have no idea how to use exterior wall lights to achieve the affect they want. Here at Ultra Beam lighting we thought we would provide you with some garden wall lighting ideas to enhance the beauty and safety of your home.

How to Show Off That Beautiful Garden

Many properties here in the UK are divided by wooden or brick fences or walls. Oftentimes, residents choose the areas near the wall to plant flowering bushes or flowers near these fences or walls so that they enjoy the beauty of the nature. Placing outdoor wall lights on these fences or walls will allow you to enjoy your beautiful garden after dark during the summer months. These lights may even give you a glimpse of some of the areas wildlife that come out at night.

Highlighting Your Home and Providing Extra Security

You have worked hard to maintain your home and you want people to notice how great your home works. You also want to provide your home and business with security reducing the risks of burglars or vandals from destroy or taking your property.

Strategically placing outdoor lighting near the front and rear doors of your home, can show off your home’s exterior and light up the entrances to your home adding to your home’s security. As you may know burglars and vandals prefer to work in the dark where there activities will go unnoticed. Lighting up the areas of your home that is most vulnerable will reduce the risk of these people targeting your home, garage or even your business.

Should you be using that garden wall lighting for security you can elect to have your exterior wall lights attached to timer or motion detector so the lights come on a certain time or when someone comes near your home’s exterior.

Garden Wall Lighting Ideas for Entertaining

Garden wall lights can also be placed on the wall of your home or another wall where your patio attaches to your home. They can also be used on a porch, or a wall near a pool to provide light for entertaining at night during the summer months. The soft glow from your outdoor lighting will allow you to spend more time in your outdoor living space with family and friends without feeling as though you are being left in the dark.

If you are looking for high quality Garden wall lighting to the improve the security and beauty of the exterior of your home, why not take a few minutes to browse our website and see what we have to offer in exterior wall lights? Our garden wall lighting options are ultra modern and have several other benefits as well.

  • All of our garden wall lighting options are LED lights using the latest LED technology providing you with long lasting light for each light bulb.
  • All of our outdoor wall lights come with a 3 year guarantee

If you are looking for the best outdoor wall lighting give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

LWA288 6 Watt Up and Down Garden Wall Lights

LWA288 6 watt square outside LED wall light -up and down exterior wall washer

LWA370 6 Watt Brass Up and Down Garden Wall Light

LWA370 6 watt brass up and down outside wall light

LWA386 12 Watt Round Black LED Garden Wall Light

LWA386 12 watt round black LED garden wall lighting

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