Garden Wall Lanterns – Our Guide on The Best Types

Garden wall lanterns – When decorating your outdoor space, the lighting is important. Choosing quality garden wall lanterns can help improve the overall appearance of your home or business while also illuminating it clearly.

Types of Garden Wall Lanterns


– RECESSED. Recessed lights are particularly popular for those who are looking to modernise their exterior. This is due to the minimalistic design styles of this type of lighting. Recessed lighting sits back into the wall as opposed to wall mounted lighting that is attached to the surface. The result of this is a light whose bulbs are the main feature with little to show for the housing. Due to the minimal nature of them, they are perfect for contemporary spaces.

– WALL MOUNTED. Wall mounted lights are ones that attach directly to the surface of the home’s exterior. With a wall mounted light, you can see more of the shape of the housing. Wall mounted garden wall lanterns are therefore popular for those who want to decorate their outdoor space as much as they want to illuminate it. There is a huge variety of wall mounted lights to choose from, making them a good choice for all types of exteriors.

– WALL WASHING. One of the subsets of a wall mounted light is wall washing lights. These lights are decorative in more than just their appearance; they shine a light back onto the wall itself, giving it a “washing” effect. The light scatters up and down the wall, making it an artistic choice for any modern exterior.

How To Choose the Best Garden Wall Lanterns


– STYLE. First, decide whether you are interested in recessed or wall mounted lighting. Those who are going for something minimalistic and ultra-modern may prefer the recessed lighting options. This is also true for those looking to light a footpath or the perimeter low to the ground along a wall. If you want a light that stands out more, a great option would instead be a wall mounted light.

Wall mounted lights have the potential to decorate your exterior space as much as they can illuminate it. Because of their many available shapes, you can choose lights that stand out as much as they illuminate. If you are interested in wall washing lights, these are the kinds of lights you are going to need.

– FINISH. Besides the shape of the light, the finish is equally as important in creating the appearance of your outdoor space. Garden wall lanterns usually come in neutral colors of white and black. They also come in metallic gold and silver. You can choose to create contrast between the designs outdoors or use them to work into the existing color schemes.

– MATERIAL. Having a light that is strong enough to withstand the effects of weather is a good idea since these lights will be outdoors. Aluminium is a safe bet when looking for hard-wearing materials.

No matter the type of garden wall lanterns you’re interested in, you’re sure to find them here on our site. Browse our collection of garden wall lighting and find your new favourite lights today.


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LWA292A 12 watt black garden wall lanterns

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