How to Wash You Walls With Garden Wall Downlights

Garden wall downlights – Though many people enjoy spending a lot of time in their garden, just as many overlook the need for proper lighting. When you spend a fair amount of time in your outdoor space, having proper lighting is just as important as it is inside the home. There are many reasons why having proper outdoor wall lighting can make all of the difference in your space. Below, we have listed just a few.

Why Should You Consider Garden Wall Downlights?

  • When you add garden wall downlights, you can light up the night more beautifully. Whether you choose exterior LED wall lights that exist just to illuminate or choose lights that provide a wall washing effect, you can elevate the look of your space. Wall washing lights will shine a backsplash of light behind them, creating an artistic effect.
  • HIGHLIGHTING SPACES. Using garden wall downlights, you can easily direct your guests’ attention to various points of interest, such as flower bushes and statues.
  • Proper garden lighting can make it easier for you and your guests to navigate the garden at night. Illumination can prevent tripping over objects when walking and create an outdoor space you can enjoy year after year.

How To Choose the Best Garden Wall Downlights

  • If your main goal is to improve upon the atmosphere of the outdoor space, the appearance is an important place to start. Consider the beauty that a wall washing outdoor wall light can bring with a halo of illumination behind it. Even if you’re not interested in that effect, you can still choose a standard light that will project beams of illumination in the dark that will be beautiful on their own.
  • Since the lights will be placed outdoors, using fixtures made from durable materials is a must. Choosing a metal such as steel or aluminium can save you plenty of time and effort on replacements; these material are ready to weather the storm without taking on damage.
  • IP RATING. It is important to consider the weather where you live when installing lighting. Choose a light that has a water-resistant or waterproof IP rating to help protect it against moisture and water damage.
  • During the day when the lights are off, you will still see the light fixtures in your garden. Choosing a finish that works well with the kind of space you have set up can beautify your garden even under the sun.

There are many ways that having LED outdoor wall lighting can help to enhance the atmosphere of an outdoor space. Besides being beautiful, the lights provide beneficial illumination for you and your guests for enjoyment, and most importantly, for safety.

In this article, we touched on the benefits of outdoor wall lighting. We also provided a quick buying guide that you can refer to when shopping for your outdoor lighting. Revisit this article as you browse our large selection of lights to ensure you make the best decision on lighting you can enjoy for years to come.

LWA414 9 Watt Black Garden Wall Downlights

LWA414 9 watt black outdoor LED wall washer light

LWA369 3 Watt Brass Garden Wall Downlights

LWA369 3 Watt Brass Finish Outdoor LED wall light

LWA215 6 Watt Black Garden Wall Downlights

LWA215 black garden wall downlights

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