How to Give Wow Factor With Garden Step Lights

Garden step lights – Garden lighting serves a variety of purposes especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. If you are outside often and hosting guests, the primary focus of the lights may be to provide illumination; with proper illumination, you can more comfortably enjoy the space at night. Another reason to add illumination may simply be to provide outdoor decorative lighting. You can use the lighting to make your space look more aesthetically pleasing.

Of all of the reasons to have outdoor lighting, among the most prominent is safety. Having garden step lights will make it easier for you and your guests to get around outdoors. Patio step lighting helps to navigate the stairs so you aren’t tripping on them. These are especially beneficial when you need to light the stairs to a business or hotel; you don’t want the liability that comes with poorly lit stairwells and the potential for injury.

What Are the Types of Garden Step Lights?

There are two main categories of patio step lighting: wall mounted and recessed lighting:

  • RECESSED LIGHTING. This type of stair lighting is recessed into the wall, leaving only a bit of the fixture exposed. This is one of the more modern options you can choose because of its minimalistic appearance. It tends to offer a cleaner and sleeker look while still offering ample lighting for the stairwell.
  • WALL MOUNTED LIGHTING. As its name suggests, this is lighting that is installed on the wall instead of into it. This type of lighting has more potential for decoration since more of it is exposed. Having wall mounted lighting also leaves you with the opportunity to choose wall washing lights. This will help enhance the look of your staircase and outdoor area in general.

How To Choose the Best Garden Step Lights

  • WALL MOUNTED OR RECESSED? First, you will want to consider whether you want a recessed or wall mounted light. This may depend on several factors including simple aesthetics or whether or not your wall can accept recessed lighting.
  • If you choose exposed wall mounted lighting, you’ll need to consider the shape of the light. They usually come in either circular, square or cylindrical shapes. All of them offer modern appearances. From there, you can choose whether you want a wall washing light or not.
  • Because these lights are going to be outdoors, they will receive some exposure to the elements. For this reason, you need to choose a light that is strong enough to withstand it. One of the best materials towards this end is metal, and of the metals, aluminium is typically the best choice. It easily resists wear and tear over time, even in areas that aren’t covered by an awning.
  • IP RATING. To the same ends, having a light that has a good waterproof or water-resistant IP rating will help preserve the light for longer.

There are a variety of different garden step lights to choose from. In this article, we have outlined a few of their details and offered a buying guide for your consideration.

ODL041 1 Watt Black Garden Step Lights

ODL041 recessed outdoor wall light

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ODL043 1 Watt Square Halo Effect Recessed Black Outdoor LED Step Light

ODL042 1 Watt Recessed IP65 LED Step Light

ODL042 recessed black garden step lights


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