Exterior Wall Lights – Style and Function

Outdoor lighting comes in a variety of different forms and serves a variety of different uses. Exterior wall lights are used to show off the beauty of a home’s or building exterior, provide general lighting for entertainment purposes and to add a layer of safety to your home or business.

Placing garden lamps on your porch, deck or the wall of your patio will allow you to entertain after the sun sets giving you more use of your outdoor living space.LWA312 outdoor wall light

In addition, having exterior wall lights near your front and back doors of your home or business will serve as beacon to visitors coming to see you after dark as well as serving to help prevent burglars or vandals from targeting your building.

As most people know, people who are set on criminal behaviour don’t want to get caught and so they prefer to target homes and businesses that are dark where they are less likely to be seen. So having outdoor lighting near your building and your buildings door may make burglars and vandals choose somewhere else to conduct their criminal behaviour.

Garden lamps placed on a free standing stone or brick wall will not only show off the beauty of the wall itself, but can highlight brushes, shrubs and plants that are near the wall adding beauty and curb appeal to the outside of your home.

Choosing the Right Style of Exterior Wall Lighting

As important as it is to have at least some exterior wall lighting, it is just important to choose the right style of outdoor lighting to match your décor and your building aesthetics. LED outdoor wall lamps offer a wide range of lighting fixture styles while providing a number of benefits that most people really find helpful. Some of these benefits include:

  • Durable- LED wall lighting is especially useful in an outdoor setting since this type of lighting is very durable. LED lighting can withstand colder temperatures than more traditional lighting can, which means that your lights will work well even when temperatures drop.
  • Long-Lasting- LED lighting is designed to last for years with little or no maintenance, which is a real plus for most people.
  • Energy Efficient- LED lighting is energy efficient using only a portion of the energy that more traditional lighting options need to run. This results in less demand on local energy and actual energy savings for you or your business.
  • LED Lighting is Less Damaging to the Environment- LED lighting is less damaging to the environment since this type of lighting gives off no excess heat to add to global warming, reduces energy consumption, and are 100% recyclable.
  • Affordable- LED lighting is also affordable, costing only a few dollars more initially than more traditional lighting, and saving your money on the cost of light bulbs and your energy bill.

LED lights do get hard wired into your 240 electric main, so keep in mind that for your safety and for the safety of your home or building that wiring of these lights should be completed a professional and qualified electrician.

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