How to Use Exterior Step Lights Effectively

Exterior step lights – Lighting up your outdoor space is every bit as important as your interior. By having exterior step lights or other such recessed wall light fixtures, not only will you create a safer outdoor area that is easier to navigate, you will also add to its style. The ODL041 1 Watt Square Recessed Black exterior step lights are an excellent light fixture for illuminating the entryway to your home or the path alongside the house. In doing so, you can also create a better lit, more modern looking exterior area to welcome your guests.

Why You Should Add Exterior Step Lights

The ODL041 1 Watt Square Recessed Black Outdoor LED Wall Light makes for premium exterior step lights, thanks to its strong aluminium composition. In this way, you won’t have to worry about it being damaged by the elements. The light fixture itself is rated IP65 in order to further protect it from water damage. In this way, you can safely install it outdoors without placing it under an awning or other protection. The shell of the light is strong enough to spare it any wear and tear on its own.

Within the strong aluminium shell is a high-quality CREE LED light. It delivers a total output of 70 lumens to provide plenty of illumination without it being aggressive on the eyes at night. Its warm light colour of 3000k makes it even softer on the eyes and is likely to match the colour temperature of any existing lights there. This bulb provides a minimum of 20,000 hours of life, ensuring you won’t have to change it constantly. By design, it is also energy efficient, making it a good choice for those who are environmentally-conscious. It is 100 percent recyclable, making it even more sustainable.

The black finish on this light fits in well with any exterior paint job or decor and won’t clash with the style. It measures 60 millimetres in width by 60 millimetres in height, allowing it to be recessed into spaces of practically any size. No matter how much exterior space you have to work with, the ODL041 1 Watt Square Recessed Black Outdoor LED Wall Light is sure to fit.

Enjoy what recessed exterior step lights can add to your space with the inclusion of the ODL041 1 Watt Square Recessed Black Outdoor LED Wall Light. Order yours today.

  • High-quality aluminium housing with an IP65 rating offers protection from sun, rain, snow and extreme temperatures
  • Long-lasting life with a minimum of 20,000 hours ensures you won’t need to change it often
  • Compact size of 60 millimetres in width by 60 millimetres in height, making it small and easy to work with
  • Total output of 70 lumens provides the perfect level of illumination without being too bright
  • Warm 3000k colour temperature is easy on the eyes and matches most existing light fixtures
  • High-quality CEE LED light
  • Connects to any 240 volt mains supply


ODL041 1 Watt Black Recessed Exterior Recessed Wall Light

ODL041 recessed outdoor wall light

ODL042 1 Watt Round Recessed Outdoor Step Light

ODL042 1 watt recessed exterior step lights

ODL043 1 Watt Square Black LED Step Light

ODL043 square black LED exterior step lights

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