How Exterior LED Wall Lights Add Security To Your Home

Exterior LED wall lights also called garden wall lighting can be found in a number of places including by the front or back doors, as porch or deck lights, as lighting for patios, and on the outside of garages or carriage houses. There are several different reasons why residents and business owners choose to have external LED wall lights installed on the outside of their home. Here is a look at some of the reasons why exterior LED wall lights are becoming more and more and more popular.

How Outdoor Lighting Increases the Use of Your of Your Outdoor Areas

During the warm summer months most people enjoy spending as much time as possible out of doors. Garden LED wall lights allows you to spend more time out of doors during those warmer months because you have light to see once darkness falls. Garden wall lights placed on your deck, porch or patio allows you to entertain or simply spend time with family while enjoying those warm summer evenings.

Use LED Exterior LED Wall Light to Provides Comfort

Night time visitors and guests to your home or business feel more comfortable when the area around your home or business is well lighted. The light gives them a feeling of being warmly welcomed providing them with a more positive impression of you or your home or business. Hotel’s, restaurants and pubs find that business increases when they have exterior lights to welcome their guests.

How Exterior LED Wall Lights Provide Added Security

Burglars and vandals love to target properties late at night when everyone inside is either gone or asleep and all the lights are off. Working in the dark makes it more difficult for burglar or vandal to be identified. Having outdoor lighting on during the darkest time of the night actually can help keep your home or business safer since burglars and vandals tend to by pass any home or business that have outside lighting that can show the type of business they are up to.

Why Are outdoor LED Wall Lights Better Than Traditional Exterior Garden Wall Lights?

You may be wondering why Exterior LED wall lights are better than more traditional lighting options. In actuality there are many reasons that LED wall lights are better including:

  • Long-Lasting. There is nothing worse than having out door lighting that goes seems to constantly goes out in the middle of the night just when you need the lighting the most. Since most LED lights last around 20,000 hours or 20 times longer than traditional lighting you can rely on LED lights to perform night after night.
  • LED lighting wastes less energy than more traditional lights saving you money. Most traditional lights create heat that wastes a good deal of energy. LED lights burn cool so most of the energy they draw goes into providing light not going off in unwanted heat.
  • Outside LED wall lights are also low maintenance and better for the environment.

Here at Ultra Beam lighting we offer high quality Exterior LED wall lights. When ordering or purchasing any type of lighting please have it installed by a qualified electrician. To order our lighting give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

LWA385 Round Black 4 Watt Exterior LED Wall Lights

LWA385 4 watt round halo effect exterior LED wall lights

LWA383 6 Watt Round Exterior LED Wall Lights

LWA383 6 watt round exterior LED wall lights

LWA370 6 Watt Brass Up and Down Exterior LED Wall Lights

LWA370 6 watt brass up and down exterior LED wall lights

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