How to Use Driveway Wall Lights

When one thinks of driveway wall lights, it is easy to picture those vast estates surrounded by those beautiful brick walls and an iron gate with lights placed along the wall leading up to the beautiful manor house. And while driveway wall lighting can certainly be used for that purpose it is not the only purpose these types of lights serve.

Where to Use Driveway Wall Lights

Keep in mind that driveway wall lights are simply another term for outdoor wall lighting. This means that these lights can be used on any exterior wall on your property. Here are some common uses for outdoor wall lighting.

Beside a Door- One of the most common types of exterior lighting is those wall lights you find on the exterior of a home next to the front or back door. Having lights around the door provides lighting to so that you can see your door’s key hole easier to unlock the door after dark. Door lighting also helps to keep vandals and thieves at bay since anyone approaching a lighted doorway stands the risk of being seen before they get into any mischief.

Lighting for Your Deck or Patio- Driveway wall lights are also commonly used to provide lighting for decks, porches and and patios so that you entertain in your outdoor living space after the sun goes down. These lights are also normally placed on the wall of your home, business or bed and breakfast where your deck or patio extends from the exterior wall of the building.

On Any Exterior Wall- Of course driveway wall lighting can be placed on any outside wall on your property so if you have a walled in garden or a wall along your poolside you can have outdoor wall lighting installed along these walls.

Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Driveway Wall Lights

When choosing the type exterior wall lighting for your driveway wall lights you may want to consider using LED exterior lighting. This type of lighting makes sense because:

  • LED lighting is energy efficient- These lights cost less to operate than other more traditional lighting sources because they need less energy to run using only about 20% to 50% of other types of lighting.
  • LED lighting is long-lasting- Depending on the type of LED lighting you choose LED lights can run anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours before they need to be changed. This means that you won’t constantly be changing light bulbs saving you a good deal of time in maintenance work.
  • LED lighting is environmentally friendly- LED lighting reduces the load on energy companies, does not give off excess heat that adds to global warming, contains no toxic elements that can pollute the ground or water supply, has no light bulbs that will end in up in the local landfill, and the light fixtures themselves are 100% recyclable making these lights better for the environment than any other type of lighting around.

Do keep in mind that LED lighting does need to be hard wired into your 240 electrical main so the wiring of these lights needs to be done by a licensed electrician.

LWA382 4 Watt Round Driveway Wall Lights

LWA382 4 watt round driveway wall lights

LWA370 6 Watt Brass up and Down Driveway Wall Lights

LWA370 6 watt brass up and down driveway wall lights

LWA311 5 Watt Black Driveway Wall Lights

LWA311 5 watt black finish driveway wall lights

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