Great Ideas For Designer Exterior Wall Lights

Designer exterior wall lights – Unlike designer clothing or designer handbags designer exterior wall lights may not be designed by some name that is well known by people who buying who lighting. In fact, in many cases the actual light designer may not be known, only the company that sells the designer exterior wall lights. What makes these outdoor lighting fixture designer is that the style and the quality of the light is superior to that of most lighting options out there. Designer garden wall lighting compliments and enhances the look of your home while increasing the curb appeal, usefulness, and safety of your outdoor area for your home or business.

What Types of Designer Exterior Wall Lights Can You Buy

Sconces- Designer exterior wall sconces are a lot like those wall sconces that were used in olden times that held candles or torches to light the way to or inside the walls of a castle or fortress. Only today these sconces are made from modern materials and have a more modern flare and use electric lighting to provide the light needed. Modern designer sconces are often used to add lighting to decks or patios and may be used to provide lighting near your front or back door.

Block Lighting- Block outdoor lighting is usually a lighting fixture in the shape of a square or rectangular block and often the beam the light washes the wall both up and down. These types of light look best with more modern decors or decors with an art deco influence. Placed near a front of back door it provides enough light to see to unlock your door when arriving late at night and also offer an extra layer protection against burglars or vandals who prefer to work in the dark.

Dome Lighting- Dome lighting usually pertains to the light fixture itself that is normally in the shape of a dome. Often times the light from a dome fixture kind of halos out all around the fixture. Depending on the style of the dome light these lights can match almost any type of décor.

Recessed garden wall lights- Recessed garden wall lights normally are small square or round lights that are mounted at low levels on the wall where they are used to light up steps or perhaps a pathway.

Today many modern designer exterior wall lights are LED lighting. This type of garden wall lighting has several benefits including:

  • These lights are durable and are able to withstand colder temperatures than more traditional lighting options making them the ideal lighting for outdoor use for those people who want outdoor lighting all year round.
  • LED lights are also energy efficient using only a fraction of energy that other types of lighting use. This means that not only do you save money on your energy bill, you also reduce the demand on local energy companies.
  • Long Lasting- One LED outdoor light can last years before it needs to be changed.

Keep in mind that these designer exterior wall lights need to be installed by a licensed electrician since they get wired directly into your 240 volt electric main.

LWA397 20 Watt Modern Outdoor Wall Light

LWA397 20 watt designer exterior wall lights

LWA292A 12 Watt Designer Exterior Wall Light

LWA292A black designer exterior wall lights

LWA451 6 Watt Modern Exterior LED Wall Light

LWA451 6 watt modern designer exterior wall lights

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