Black Outdoor Lanterns – Garden Wall Lighting

Black outdoor lanterns are a type of exterior wall lighting that just happen to be black in colour. These lights come in a variety of different shapes including round, square, candle like sconces, lights that look like wands and even some resembling flashlights attracted to the wall.

How to Use Black Outdoor Lanterns

Some black outdoor lanterns provide up lighting, others provide down lighting or all round lighting. One of the main purposes of black outdoor lanterns is to serve as LED porch lights. Porch lights serve a variety of purposes.

LED porch lights are normally placed around the doors of your home and serves to provide lighting making it easier for guests as well as the people who live in the home to find their way to your door when it is dark outside.

In addition having an LED porch light makes it easier to find unlock your door when coming home after dark. It also allows you to see if there is anything between you and your doorway so you can avoid tripping and falling.

Having black outdoor lanterns place on the wall of your deck, patio, or porch also allows you to increase the amount of time you can use your outdoor living area. With adequate exterior wall lighting you can use your patio or deck for entertaining family or guests even after darkness falls, as long the weather is warm.

Lastly, having exterior black outdoor lanterns also provides an extra margin of safety for you home or business since buildings with lit exteriors tend to be avoided by would be thieves or vandals since these types of people choose to work in the dark. A well-lit exterior to your home will tend to make any vandal or thief think twice before targeting your home.

Why Choose LED Black Outdoor Lanterns

There are a number of reasons why you might want to LED lights for your exterior wall lighting. Some of these reasons include:

Long Lasting

LED lighting is long lasting with these lights having the ability to provide you with reliable lighting for 20,000 or 50,000 hours or more. When used just at night one of these lights can last you several years before they ever need to be changed saving you time, energy and money.


LED lighting is extremely durable and able to handle colder temperature than more traditional lighting options, which means that these lights will continue to function when the temperatures drop and the nights get colder. This means you won’t be running out in cold weather in order to change light bulbs.

Energy Efficient

LED lighting is very energy efficient with these lights only using between 20% to 50% of the energy needed by more traditional lighting options. This means that not only will reduce the demand on the local energy company, but you will save money on your own energy bill.

LED Black Outdoor Lanterns do need to be hardwired into your 110/240 electric volt main making it necessary to have these lights installed by a professional licensed electrician.

LWA366 3 Watt Black Outdoor Wall Light

LWA366 3 watt black outdoor lanterns

LWA381 3 Watt Globe LED Exterior Wall Light

LWA381 3 watt globe black outdoor lanterns

LWA213 9 Watt Black Outdoor Wall Lantern

LWA213 9 watt black outdoor lanterns

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