5 Great Modern Garden Wall Light Ideas

Outdoor wall lights are an easy way to make an area feel safer and easier to navigate, while also creating a comfortable and welcoming appearance. Below, you’ll find a few garden wall light ideas for incorporating exterior wall lighting into your garden or outdoor space.


  1. LWA288 6 Watt LED Up And Down Outdoor Wall Light

LWA288 6 watt square outside LED wall light -up and down exterior wall washer

Up and down wall lights such as the LWA288 6 Watt LED Up And Down Outdoor Wall Light are perfect for those who want to create a space that is as decorative as it is illuminating. These wall lights shine 3000k warm white light at an angle above and below the central point. The fixture itself is a modern cube shape, which adds contemporary appeal to the wall. Because of their white and black colour options, you can either choose a light that will blend in well or contrast the exterior for an artistic look. The IP65 rating makes the light safe for use outdoors in any weather.


  1. LWA386 12 Watt Round Black Outdoor LED Wall Light

LWA386 12 Watt round black garden LED wall light

With its sleek circular look and subtle lighting, the LWA386 12 Watt Round Black Outdoor LED Wall Light is perfect for achieving exterior lighting that is more low key and minimalistic. A light shines through the ring around the body of the light and casts a halo glow of 3000k warm white light on the wall around it. The sleek, slim disc shape furthers its contemporary appeal, and the black finish makes it simple to incorporate into any colour setting. It also has an IP65 rating to protect it against the elements.


  1. LWA370 6 Watt Brass Up And Down Outdoor Wall Light

LWA370 6 watt brass up and down outside wall light

Using the LWA370 6 Watt Brass Up And Down Outdoor Wall Light, you can wash the wall above and below the fixture while adding a sleek addition to the space. It has a cylindrical shape that gives it an modern garden light feel and is finished in gold tones for an elegant finishing touch. Three watt LED bulbs shine light bright enough to wash the walls and illuminate the space with 3000k warm white light at once with a total of 600 lumens.


  1. LWA214 9 Watt LED Black Outdoor Wall Light

LWA214 9 watt outdoor porch wall lights

The LWA214 9 Watt LED Black Outdoor Wall Light offers a contemporary garden lighting and porch lighting style light that adds illumination and style in equal measure. It features a stout, cylindrical black shape crafted of aluminium with a diffuser middle that the 3000k warm white light shines through. It creates a soft glow on the wall behind the fixture to add to its aesthetic appeal. A total of 800 lumens shines from the light, which is rated IP65 to protect it from the elements.


  1. LWA415 18 Watt Black Up And Down LED Outdoor Wall Washer

LWA415 18 watt black up and down outside lights

The simple, flat rectangular shape of the LWA415 18 Watt Black Up And Down LED Outdoor Wall Washer light is an ultra-contemporary addition to any outdoor living space. It is a wall washing light that shines 3000k warm white illumination up and down the wall above and below the fitting, bringing it an aesthetic appeal. The black finish is neutral enough to be worked into areas of any existing colour scheme without clashing. This aluminium light is rated IP65 to protect it from the elements.

What Types of LED Outdoor Wall Lights Can You Buy?


No two gardens are the same, and no single light is perfect for every space. Fortunately, there are many different types of outdoor wall lights for you to choose from to fit each space. You can use exterior wall lights to your advantage in various parts of your outdoor space, such as:

  • Porch lights around the door and stairs give a warm welcome to visitors.
  • Wall washer garden wall lights shine light up and down the wall behind it, which can either highlight the structure itself or its features.
  • Miniature recessed external wall lights positioned at a lower level create a bit of mysterious ambiance and atmosphere. You could also recess outdoor wall lamp fixtures into steps to make them more visible.
  • Decorative modern outside wall lighting can be used to very simply enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Why Use LED Exterior Wall Lighting?


LED lights are growing increasingly popular over the years due to their many benefits and perks:

  • LED lights are remarkably long lasting, especially when held up against other traditional types of lightbulbs. Where halogen bulbs tend to burn for 1,000 hours and ICF bulbs burn for 15,000 hours, LED lights can provide illumination for as long as 20,000 hours.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT. LED lights consume far less power than traditional bulbs. Where other bulbs convert most of their energy into heat, LEDs convert most of their energy into light. Their energy efficiency is good for your wallet, as you won’t have to constantly replace them or pay exorbitant energy bills. They are also good for the environment, as they mean less waste in the landfill, and they have no mercury inside of them if they break.
  • IMPROVED SAFETY. Traditional bulbs tend to run quite hot, so hot that if you touch them with your bare hands when they’re on, you risk burning yourself. LED lights remain cool to the touch, as 90 percent of their energy goes towards light while the other 10 percent emits heat. This makes them a great choice for homes that have pets and children running around.
  • MORE LIGHTING COLOUR OPTIONS. LED lights have a huge spectrum of light colours to choose from, from warm to cool colours. This gives you the control you need to create the best atmosphere in any location and makes them a great choice for outside wall lamps. For instance, LED patio wall lights will do best with warm colour temperatures, though you might find spotlights are better with cool colour temperatures.
  • DIRECTIONAL LIGHTING. Because LED lights shine at an angle of 180 degrees, you can choose just where they are pointed. This angle also makes them more efficient at lighting entire rooms in a way that traditional bulbs struggle to.
  • SECURITY LIGHTING. LED lights can be incorporated into your outdoor living space as security lighting. You can add them to your spotlights or your motion sensor lights to keep your area well lit if anyone tries to approach it. Furthermore, you can also use them to shine light on the areas that your security cameras pick up on, so the entire area is always visible.

What Is IP Rating and Why It Is Important To Use the Correct Rating


An IP rating, or Ingress Protection Rating, indicates a light’s protection against solid and liquid elements. The first digit represents solid matter, while the second represents moisture. An IP rating is important to look at when choosing LED garden wall lights, as they will be exposed to the elements.

First digit: solid matter protection


0 – No protection

1 – Protection against solid matter over 50 millimeters

2 – Protection against solid matter over 12 millimeters

3 – Protection against solid matter over 2.5 millimeters

4 – Protection against solid matter over one millimeter

5 – Protection against dust limited ingress with no harmful deposits

6 – Total protection against dust; dust-tight


Second digit: moisture protection


0 – No protection.

1 – Protection against condensation or other vertically falling water droplets

2 – Protection against direct water spraying at a 25 degree angle

3 – Protection against direct water spraying up to a 60 degree angle

4 – Protection against splashing water from any direction

5 – Protection against low pressure water jets

6 – Protection against strong water jets


LED outdoor wall lighting should have a minimum rating of IP44. Most outdoor wall lightning is rated IP65 or IP67, which is even better. Be sure you double-check before you make a purchase.

Which Materials Are the Best For the Construction of Exterior Wall Lighting?


From Outdoor wall washer wall lights to simple spotlights, having a quality light is important. Outdoor wall lighting comes in a variety of material types, such as:

  • This is a cheap material but one that you can expect to have to replace often. This is because plastic degrades easily over time through heat, cold and exposure to moisture.
  • This is another inexpensive option, but keep in mind that it will rust even if it is painted. Moisture can still get behind the paint and cause rust to form on the fitting from the inside out. The result is usually rusty water marks running down the light or paint bubbling.
  • This is a premium construction material that doesn’t rust and will serve its purpose for many years to come.
  • STAINLESS STEEL. This is another high quality material, but you can expect it to cost much more money than aluminum.

Generally speaking, it is good to keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and because these lights are outside in all types of weather, it’s best to just pay for a high quality option you can trust. Furthermore, if these lights are used in a coastal area, it is recommended that you use either stainless steel or aluminum fitting since saltwater does not cause them to corrode. Finally, if you are installing outdoor lights near the ocean, you can also swap out the standard fixing screws with stainless steel to stop them from corroding.


How To Integrate Garden Wall Lighting Into Your Overall Garden Lighting Scheme? 

Before anything else, you’ll need to figure out the kind of effects you want to get from the light as well as the amount of light you need. Ask yourself questions like:


  • Do you plan to use them for entertaining and outdoor living?
  • Do you want a decorative and interesting lighting effect?
  • Do you want to include LED lights in your security system?
  • How bright do you want the light to be? Would you prefer soft mood lighting?
  • How many lights you use depends on how much light you’d prefer and the effect you’re going for.
  • What other types of lights do you have in the garden? If you have spike lighting, ground lighting or bollard lighting, you’ll need to think about how they will affect the area that you are going to light with your garden wall lights


What Colour of Light Is Best To Use For External Wall Lighting?


Whereas traditional lighting measures its brightness in wattage, LED lights measure their brightness in lumens. A Kelvin indicator is used to represent the colour of the lights that those lumens show. Colour temperature is the measurement of the coolness or warmth of a certain light source. Kelvin units run from 1,000K to 10,000K, with the lower Kelvin rating being the warmest colours and the highest rating being the coolest. Most commonly, the lights in LEDs are 3000k warm white or 6000k cool white light.

In the case of garden lights, many people like to use 3000k warm white light because it provides adequate illumination while still being pleasant to the eyes. For certain applications in both commercial and home installations, however, you may see 6000k cool white lights, especially in areas with security cameras. This type of light makes it easier to see the images more clearly.

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