White Track Lighting – Simple Clean Look To Display Your Products

Many commercial businesses these days are choosing modern and minimalist decors to better show off their merchandise. Modern white track lighting is the perfect lighting to fit in with modern decors and blend well into ultra white ceilings. With white track lighting the tracks blend in with the ceiling and just the light heads themselves add to your décor blending and harmonizing with your overall décor.

White Track Lighting Versatility

LED track lighting is an extremely versatile type of lighting for a number of different reasons including:

  • Track lighting can fit any size room, making this type of lighting perfect for warehouses, professional kitchens, pubs, all types of shops, conference rooms and more.
  • Can lighting can be attached to the surface of the ceiling or wall or can be suspended from the ceiling.
  • The heads of track lights are adjustable so they are perfect for task lighting in various settings.
  • Track lighting come in a variety of styles and can be configured in variety of different ways.
  • Track lighting is reasonably priced.

How to Use White Track Lighting As Shop Display Lighting

LED track lights are perfect for shop display lighting. When you own any type of shop that sells goods you want to feature and highlight different goods at different times and track lighting allows you to do that quite easily. A slight adjustment of the heads of track lighting and your shop display lighting can display any group of items you would like.

For example if you own a beauty shop and want to feature shampoos one week and nail polish another, you simply create your display and then adjust your lighting to highlight the products featured that week. White track lighting also works well over head washing, setting and cutting stations so that the lights can be adjusted to suit the task.

LED track lights work in other types of shops as well, including delis bakeries, clothing stores, and home good shops. The list is endless.

Why Use LED Track Lights in Hotels

LED track lighting is also perfect in used hotels such as the lobby, exercise room, and breakfast room or hotel kitchens. Wince track lighting come in various styles from completely utility looking lighting to extremely elegant lighting. Choosing the right track lighting to meet your décor, establishment and needs.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we offer modern white track lighting as well as black track lighting and black and white track lighting. Our LED lights are made using high quality material and the very latest LED technology. Our lighting is:

  • Extremely energy efficient- LED lighting uses less energy than more traditional types of lighting.
  • Long-lasting providing 20,000 hours of lights
  • Low maintenance you never need to change a light bulb
  • Environmentally friendly, LED lighting is 100% recyclable.

Why not take a few minutes to browse our website and speak to our online representative or give us a call at 0800-678-5156 and let us know how we can be of service to you.

LSP227 9 Watt White LED Track Light

LSP227 9 watt slim white track lighting

LSP190 20 Watt White LED Track Lighting

LSP190 20 watt white track lighting

LSP176 30 Watt White LED Track Lights

LSP176 30 watt white track lighting


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