Track Lighting Systems – Why They Are Essential For Shop Display Lighting

Track lighting systems are used in a number of commercial buildings providing lighting for everything from office building to shops and even hotels making them extremely handy for a wide variety of commercial buildings.

What are Track Lighting Systems?

A track lighting system is made up of a track that is mounted to the ceiling of a room or corridor and a series of track heads that are adjustable spotlights that fit into the the ceiling mounted track. The number of track heads in any commercial track lighting system depends on the length of the system and the amount of brightness you need to accomplish you lighting goals. Track lights are not just straight lines, the tracks can be formed in a number of ways that provides interest and beauty to your business’s décor. Here is a look at various uses for track lighting.

Track Lights for Offices

Commercial track lighting systems are perfect for offices. When installed over a conference table track lights can provide adequate lighting for reading and signing documents without causing too much glare that can interfere with Track lighting can also be used in individual offices and the lobby as well.

Track Lights for Shops

Shop lighting is extremely important to display merchandise for sale at their best advantage. Track shop lighting may be used in such shops as clothing and accessory shops, bakeries, Sporting goods stores, pharmacies, pet shops, beauty shops and more. Shop lighting can be used to provide light to your entire shop or can be installed in various sections of your store to highlight specific displays.

Track Lighting Systems for Hotels

Track lights for hotels can serve a variety of purposes. They can be used in the lobby to provide warm lighting for guests or down the center of a hallway to help guests find their rooms. They can also be found in Hotel conference and dining rooms as well.

Track Lighting For Restaurants

Track lighting systems work great in commercial kitchens especially long lasting LED commercial kitchens. Track lights in kitchens can provide great lighting for cooking and food prep areas allowing for plenty of light to help with the safe handling of food and food products.

In restaurants commercial track lighting can be used both in the kitchen and the dining area of the restaurant. Track lighting can be extremely attractive and used to create an ambiance in any commercial dining room.

Why Choose LED Track Lighting Systems From Ultra Beam Lighting

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have a number of LED tracks, connectors and track heads suitable for all different types of commercial use. We use only the latest LED technology in the manufacturing of our lighting and our lights provides you with 20,000 hours of lights. In addition our lights are a great way to save energy, and are 100% recyclable.

As with any light installation, having track lights installed in your business should be done by a qualified electrician. Why not take a few minutes to browse our website and check out our high quality track lighting systems?

LSP194 9 Watt Black and Gold LED Track Lighting

LSP194 9 watt LED track light black and gold LED track light

LSP176 30 Watt LED Track Lighting System

LSP176 30 watt LED track light - commercial LED display lighting

LSP196 24 Watt Black and Gold LED Track Lights

LSP196 24 watt black LED commercial track lighting systems

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