How Spotlight Track Lighting is The Best Retail Lighting Option

Spotlight track lighting is a great way to provide directional lighting for commercial use. While there are a number of commercial lighting options available track lighting is one of the most versatile.

What is Spotlight Track Lighting

Spotlight track lighting consists of a track that is normally installed on the ceiling on with several adjustable lights that are fitted in the track. The name spotlight track lighting comes from the fact that the light heads are small spotlights that may be aimed straight down, tipped front to back or side to side.

Commercial track lighting may be used in a variety of ways including:

  • Lighting for warehouses. When used in warehouses the tracks normally run around the parameter and down various areas of the warehouse ceiling to provide light for the entire warehouse that can be adjusted should the need arise.
  • Shop lighting. Commercial track lighting is an excellent choice for shop lighting due to the fact that the light heads can be adjusted to highlight various products. In addition, shop track lighting can be placed on a wall to provide back lighting for various displays.
  • Dining room lighting. Spotlight track lighting can be used in dining rooms to provide lighting for diners. Since tracks come can be configured in various shapes and can be fitted with a variety of different heads they can provide elegant lighting options for even fine dining establishments.
  • Food preparation areas. Spotlight track lighting work well for food preparation areas since this lighting provides pools of bright warm light that makes preparing food easier. Track lighting may also work well at cooking stations as well.
  • Conference room lighting. Spotlight track lighting makes great lighting for over those large tables in conference rooms providing adequate lighting to read and sign contracts and other lighting.

Why Use LED Spotlight Track Lighting

LED spotlight track lighting are perfect for commercial use for many different reasons including:

  • LED track lights are highly energy efficient. These lights use less energy than more traditional forms of lighting. In addition, since LED lights are actually brighter than more traditional lights which means you need fewer lights to achieve the amount the lighting you need.
  • LED lighting is long-lasting, which provides you with 20,000 hours of light. These lights last 20 times longer than more traditional lights.
  • LED track lighting takes very little maintenance once the lights are installed. Since LED lights don’t use traditional light bulbs you won’t be spending time changing bulbs that burn out.
  • LED spotlight track lighting is environmentally friendly. These lights are completely recyclable so no part of the light should ever show up in a landfill. In addition, these lights are not made with any toxic elements.

You do need to have any track lighting installed by licensed electrician.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we having been designing and manufacturing high quality lighting for over 20 years. Our LED spotlight track lighting is made with high quality material and the latest LED technology resulting in the highest quality lighting you will find anywhere. Please take a few minutes to browse our LED track lighting options.

LSP226 5 Watt GU10 LED Track Spotlights

LSP226 5 watt GU10 LED spotlight track lighting

LSP227 9 Watt LED Track Light Fitting

LSP227 9 watt slim design LED spotlight track lighting

LSP196 24 Watt Black LED Track Light

LSP196 24 watt black LED spotlight track lighting

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