Shop Lights – Essential For Displaying Your Products Beautifully

While there are a wide variety of different types of shops such as bookshops, bakeries, butcher shops, beauty shops, card shops, corner shops, delis, confectioner, florist, jewellers, sandwich and coffee shops all of these shops have one thing is common. They use shop lights to set off their wares to the best advantage and to provide excellent lighting for customers to choose the right products. Many of these shops use track lighting so they can focus the lights highlighting specific types of products.

How to Use Commercial LED Shop Lights

Commercial track lighting is often the shop lights of choice for many businesses. The reason track lights are so popular for commercial use is because once the tracks are mounted on the ceiling of your establishment you can place the track light fittings or track heads anywhere you like along the tracks. Many track light fixtures are flexible and can be titled at various angles to highlight specific areas where you want the to concern your lighting.

Various Uses of Commercial Track Lighting

Commercial track lighting may have various uses as shop lights. Here are a few examples of how track lights may be used.

  • Book Shops- Track lights may be used as part of your book shop lights placing them over a table where the best sellers are displayed so you can draw visitors attentions to the books that are laid out on these tables.
  • Beauty Shop- Track lights in beauty shops may be placed over the area where the stations are located to provide adequate lighting for cutting, colouring and styling hair.
  • Coffee Shop Lights- commercial track lighting may be used over the table area as well as the counter to provide lighting for both customers and the workers in the shop.
  • Sandwich Shop Lights- Track lights with adjustable track light fittings work well for preparation areas where the sandwiches, salads and other foods may be made. In addition, track lights may be used over the counter area where people sit to eat their food.

Ultra Beam Lighting Offers Modern Track Lights

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we offer modern track lighting options in sophisticated black and white. We have tracks, track heads and connectors. Our commercial LED shop lights feature the latest LED technology and are extremely energy efficient saving your shop money so you will see more profit. Our lights are also long lasting providing 20,000 hours of light resulting in less maintenance.

In addition our LED lights are better for the environment since the lights themselves do not give off CO2. They also don’t produce heat so you won’t need to raise the temperature on your air conditioner during the hotter months to make up for the heat that the bulbs put off. These lights are also completely recyclable so they won’t end up in a landfill.

Why not take a few minutes to browse through our websites and check out commercial track lighting or give us a call at 0800-678-5156 and let us know how we can be of service to you. Do keep in mind that a qualified electrician should install all track lights.

LSP190 20 Watt LED Track Light Fittings

LSP190 20 watt LED track shop lights

LSP196 24 Watt Black and Gold LED Track Light

LSP196 24 watt black and gold LED shop lights display lighting

LSD017 2 Watt Black LED Display Cabinet Lights

LSD017 2 watt black display cabinet shop lights

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