Retail Lighting Essential to Display Your Goods Properly

Owning or running a retail shop of any kind takes a lot of thought and consideration. You need to keep abreast of everything from what items you want to sell, your profit and loss and even the retail lighting that you use to display your goods. You want your shop display lighting to show off the products you are selling to their best advantage whether those products are articles of clothing, baked goods, jewelry or other items. Many retailers choose LED track lighting as their retail lighting of choice. There are several good reasons for choosing LED track lighting for your shop display lighting. Here are just some of those reasons:

How Track Lighting Can Be Mounted on the Ceiling or the Wall

LED track lighting can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall make these lights pretty versatile. In addition since these lights consist of a track to which several adjustable heads are mounted you can easily move the lights along the track or tilt them in order to focus the beam of the light exactly where you need it to go.

In addition, the tracks of track lighting can be configured into different ways making these lights attractive as well as extremely useful in shops, and even restaurants and bars.

Why LED Retail Lighting is Energy Efficient

LED retail lighting is extremely energy efficient. These lights use anywhere from 50% to 80% less electricity than other lighting options such as halogen, incandescent or fluorescent lighting. In addition, all of the light produced by this LED lighting can be focused directly where you want the light unlike other lighting options whose light spreads all around wasting some of the light that could be directed towards your products, which means you need fewer lights saving you money on your electric bill.

How LED Track Lighting is Long-Lasting

LED lighting is extremely long lasting lasting anywhere from 20 times to 70 times longer than incandescent bulbs and up to 6 times longer than fluorescent lighting. This not only means that you won’t have to worry about your LED lighting going out as often as other types of lighting you can also save labour expenses because these lights need to be changed less often.


Since LED lighting contains no filaments and have no glass enclosures they are less likely to break due to vibrations, They also don’t go out instantly like more traditional lighting does, but rather fades out slowly giving you plenty of warning your light needs to be changed before your store is left in the dark.

LED Retail Lighting is Environmentally Friendly

LED retail lighting is environmentally friendly since these lights do not emit excess heat as waste, contains no toxins like fluorescent lighting has. In addition, LED track lighting is 100% recyclable so they won’t add waste to your landfill.

You do need to have your LED track lighting (the track) hard wired into your electric main. This type of shop display lighting needs to be installed by a professional electrician.

LSP194 9 Watt Black and Gold LED Track Light

LSP194 9 wat black and gold LED track light retail lighting

LSP227 9 Watt LED Track Light Fittings

LSP227 9 watt LED track lighting retail lighting

LSP190 20 Watt High Power LED Track Lighting

LSP190 20 watt LED track lighting retail lighting

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