LED Ceiling Track Lights For Better Display Lighting

LED ceiling track lights are the newest trend in track lighting for commercial use. These energy efficient and long-lasting lights are used in as shop display lighting and in a number of other commercial applications as well.

Here is a look at some of the uses of LED ceiling track lights

Warehouse Lighting

Commercial warehouses are usually large buildings where factories, and other businesses store products that they need to ship or have received, but don’t have room to stock immediately. Lighting in warehouses is extremely important so that warehouse workers can see clearly to read labels on boxes and to operate large equipment. LED ceiling track lights work great in this type of setting for a number of different reasons.

  • Several light heads can be placed on a single track and adjusted to light the areas that most need the light.
  • The light heads on the track can be moved closer together or further apart in order to allow you to customize your lighting to better fit your needs.
  • LED tracks can be configured in various ways, which allows for further customization of your track lighting.

Shop Display Lighting

LED track lighting is perfect for all different types of shop display lighting from clothing stores, to bakeries, to hair salons, to gift and card shops and so much more.

These lights can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall and the light can be focused just where you need it the most providing both ambient and task lighting to make your shop lighter and more appealing as well as for performing tasks such as stocking and pricing inventory, performing tasks such as trimming hair, wrapping gifts or boxing merchandise.

Other Commercial Track Lighting Uses

LED ceiling track lighting isn’t just being used in warehouses and shops either. You can often find LED track lighting being used in office conference rooms, hotel lobbies and meeting rooms and even in pubs for over bar lighting.

In fact, LED track lighting is not just used for utilitarian lighting anymore. Since this lighting comes in modern new designs it it finding it’s way to all different types of building for commercial use. In many cases the track lighting fixtures are used as part of the overall décor for the rooms that these lights are placed in.

Why Choose LED Ceiling Track Lights over More Traditional Lighting Options?

There are a number of different reasons to choose LED track lighting over more traditional lighting options. These reasons include:

  • These lights are very energy efficient, which means they can save your business money on your energy bill.
  • They are long-lasting meaning your can depend on these lights for several years of continuous lighting without having to ever worry about changing a light bulb. (they don’t use light bulbs.)
  • These lights are 100% recyclable making their environmentally friendly.

LED ceiling track lights like more traditional track lighting does need to be hard wired into your 240 volt electrical main so make sure that your have a licensed electrician install these lights for your commercial business.

LSP194 9 Watt Black and Gold LED Ceiling Track Lights

LSP194 9 watt black LED ceiling track lights

LSP228 16 Watt Round LED Ceiling Track Lights

LSP228 16 watt round LED ceiling track lights

LSP176 30 Watt High Power LED Ceiling Track Lights

LSP176 30 watt LED ceiling track lights

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