Black LED Track Lighting For a Brilliant Modern Clean Look

Today more and more retail shops and other businesses are choosing black LED track lighting for their shop display lighting because they like the modern clean look and function of these lights.

Why Use Black LED Track Lighting

LED track lights serve a number of different uses for commercial businesses since these lights can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. Black LED track lighting makes great display lighting since these lights consist of several light heads placed on a single track. The light heads can be slid along the track and tilted so that they shine their beam of lighting right on items that you are looking to highlight.

LED track lights can be used as shop display lighting in bakeries, hair salons, clothing shops, gift shops and a variety of other types of stores. In addition black LED track lighting can also be installed in warehouses, and even in hotels and other businesses to provide adequate lighting for guests or visitors to the business or to conduct the business of warehouse personnel.

What are the Benefits of LED Track Lights

LED track lights offer businesses a variety of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Easily adjustable- Track lights are easily adjustable making these lights extremely versatile for a variety of lighting situations. Since the lights can move along the track and can be tilted to focus the beam of light where it is most needed.
  • Can be configured in a number of different ways- LED track lights can be configured in a number of different ways making these lights ideal for adding to your décor while providing functional lighting.
  • Black LED track lighting is modern and attractive- Black LED track lighting can add a bit of interest to your shops décor since these lights are both modern looking and attractive.
  • LED lighting is long-lasting- LED shop display lighting is long-lasting with these lights lasting anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours of light depending on the individual track light and the company who manufactures that light. This means you can provide years of lighting for your shop before the light needs to be changed.
  • LED shop display lighting is energy efficient.- LED lighting uses about 20% to 50% less energy than more traditional lighting options making these lights extremely energy efficient saving you money on your energy bills so that your shop can make more of a profit.
  • LED lighting contains no toxic elements.- Unlike fluorescent lights that contains mercury LED lights contain absolutely no toxic elements making these lights safer for your family and safer for the environment.
  • Black Led track lighting is environmentally friendly.- LED lighting not only is good for environment because they use less energy reducing the demand on your local energy company, and they have no light bulbs to dispose of, and no dangerous toxic elements, they are also 100% recyclable.

You do need to understand that black LED track lighting does need to be wired directly into your 110/240 electric main and therefore the installation of this type of lighting needs to be done by a qualified and professional licensed electrician.

LSP194 9 Watt Black and Gold LED Track Lights

LSP194 9 watt black LED track lighting

LSP228 16 Watt Modern LED Track Lights

LSP228 16 watt round black LED track lighting

LSP190 20 Watt High Power LED Track Lights

LSP190 20 watt high power black LED track lighting

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