Under Eave Lighting – How to Create The Best Outdoor Effect

Under eave lighting – When it comes to illuminating one’s outdoor space, there are a few common lights to be considered. These are fixtures such as garden path lighting, garden spotlights, step lighting and wall sconces. Even so, there is another important part of a house or building that deserves to have proper lighting as well: the eaves.

Eaves are the horizontal section of a roof that extends beyond the outside wall of a structure.

This area also includes the ceiling of a porch. Proper lighting around this area can quickly enhance the look of the space. It can also make it appear more inviting by ensuring it is well lit. This is especially important for hotels and businesses that need to make a friendly, welcoming first impression.

What Are the Types of Soffit (or Under Eave) Lighting?

There are two main types of under eave lighting: recessed and wall mounted:

  • RECESSED UNDER EAVE LIGHTING. This type of lighting is minimalistic since it is recessed into the ceiling. Because of its recessed nature, only the edge of it and the bulb are visible. This creates a more modern appearance while still providing plenty of illumination. It is a good choice for those who like to keep things simple.
  • WALL MOUNTED EXTERIOR DOWNLIGHTS. Using wall mounted lighting is an option for those whose soffit area is not well suited for recessed lighting. It provides just as much illumination as well as the style and practicality of overhead lighting that recessed lights do. With wall mounted lights, you can give the space a decorative edge as well. This is because these lights have more of their bodies exposed, so you can play around with shapes. Some of the most common shapes include simple cylinders and geometric cubes.

How To Choose the Best Soffit Lighting

  • RECESSED OR CEILING MOUNTED? Among the most important decision to make will be based on its appearance. You should first choose whether you want recessed or wall mounted lighting for this reason. If you choose wall mounted lighting, you can also take this time to determine whether you want circular lighting or square-shaped lights. This will put you in control of the decoration the lights provide.
  • Both recessed lights and wall mounted exterior downlights have enough of their bodies exposed to show off a colour. Usually, they are black in colour. This makes them neutral enough to easily be worked into any exterior decor colors.
  • Because the lights are outdoors, you want to choose a strong material such as aluminium. This material is durable and resistant against signs of wear and tear.
  • IP RATING. To the same effect, choosing a light with good water-resistance or waterproof IP rating is a good idea. This will help ensure it lasts longer in the elements and will reduce how often you have to buy and replace the lights.

There are a number of ways to use under eave lighting. In this article, we have outlined a few of those while also providing a brief buying guide.

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