Outside Soffit Lights – How To Choose The Best Types

Outside soffit lights – Having proper illumination outdoors can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the space. If you have an outdoor living space you like to frequent, without proper lighting, doing so at night can be uncomfortable. Not only that, but it can be unsafe; if you aren’t able to see where you’re going at night, you have a greater risk of tripping and falling.

Outdoor surface mounted downlights can help cast a nice glow across the space, so you can more easily access the areas in your garden. This type of lighting makes use of the under canopy lighting space and can provide you with a more comfortable living area in no time at all.

Waterproof outdoor downlights are especially beneficial. This is due to the moisture, humidity and other elements your lights are sure to face when used outdoors. Outside soffit lights that are waterproof will help them last longer, saving you plenty of time and money on replacing and reinstalling them frequently.

What Is the Purpose of Under Canopy Lighting? 

Under canopy lighting provides you with illumination from the top down when you are under a porch or other canopied area. Outdoor surface mounted downlights are particularly good for people who like modern recessed lights but do not have the space for them. Not all ceilings are built to be able to accept outside soffit lights. In these cases, a surface mounted light can give you the same modern effect.

How To Choose the Best Outdoor Soffit Lights

  • Though surface mounted lights primarily serve to illuminate, they can be decorative, too. Choosing a surface mounted light in a shape that matches the aesthetic of your outdoor space will add to its overall appearance. Surface outside soffit lights come in any number of shapes and sizes, including rectangular, geometric, circular and cylindrical.
  • IP RATING. Since the lights will be outdoors, having waterproof outdoor downlights is important as mentioned. Choose a light that has an IP rating that offers waterproof capabilities in order to save you plenty of hassle, headache and money replacing them constantly.
  • In the same vein, you’ll want a light that is capable of withstanding the elements on its own. The best way to ensure durability is to choose quality materials, such as metal. Of the types of metal, aluminium is among the best that you can choose for your lights. This material tends to resist damage and looks its best for longer.

Having Outdoor surface mounted downlights can make or break the appearance and functionality of your outdoor space. By using surface mounted lights, you can get plenty of outdoor illumination while also enjoying their modern decorative benefits. There are many different types of outdoor canopy lights to choose from. In this article, we’ve explored some of the benefits of these outdoor lights. We’ve also given you a small buying guide toward choosing the best lights for your space. When you go to purchase new outdoor lights, revisit this article to be sure you are making the best decisions for your space.

Onyx 6 Watt Black Outside Soffit Lights

LDC335 Onyx 5 watt black IP65 recessed LED downlight

LBL183 5 Watt Round Outside Soffit Lights

5 wall surface mounted Sofft LED downlight


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