Outdoor Downlights Under Eaves or Soffits

Outdoor downlights also called soffit lighting are often used for outside lighting for both homes and businesses. This form of outdoor LED spotlights is often used to wash light down the exterior of a home or building to show off an architectural feature or to provide safety by providing light directly around your home or business.

Outdoor downlights can also be placed on the ceiling of a roofed porch or patio as well to provide lighting for entertaining outside after the dark. Combined with other types of outside lighting outdoor downlights can add beauty and curb appeal to your home or business.5 watt black LED sofftit downlight

Benefits of Outdoor Downlights

Outdoor soffit lighting has many benefits for your home or business. These benefits include:

  • Can Increase the Usefulness of Your Outdoor Living Space- Whether you have a private home, a bed or breakfast or a hotel with porch or patio with a roof. Outdoor LED spotlights can provide sufficient lighting so your can enjoy more time out of doors when the weather is nice.
  • Soffit lighting can provide safety for your home or business by keeping thieves and vandals at bay. Because outdoor downlights focuses the light on the exterior of your home and can feature motion detectors that will turn on when anyone approaches your home after dark.
  • Outdoor LED Spotlights are Durable. These lights can withstand colder temperatures than more traditional types of lighting making them much more reliable than traditional lights during the fall and winter months. Other types of lighting can either fail to turn on or can burst in colder temperatures, but LED lights keep on turning on and functioning during those colder months.
  • LED lighting is Long-Lasting. LED Outdoor downlights last far longer than more traditional types of lighting, which can save money on since you won’t have to have someone constantly climbing on ladders to change these soffit lights. Depending on the company and brand of lighting these lights can run 20,000, 50,000 or 70,000 or even more. This can result in years in maintenance free lighting.
  • LED Soffit Lighting is Energy Efficient. LED lighting only uses about 50% of the energy of most traditional types of lighting. This means that these lights cost less to operate than more traditional lighting and since LED lights tend to be brighter you may be able to use fewer of these lights than you would need with those traditional lighting choices.
  • LED outdoor downlights are better for the environment. Since LED lighting is more energy efficient they reduce the demand on energy consumption. These lights also don’t give off excess heat as waste, so they won’t add to global warming. These lights also contain no toxic elements and are 100% recyclable.
  • LED outdoor downlights are affordable. While these lights cost a little more than those traditional lighting sources they more than make up for the initial cost in energy savings and the fact that you never have to buy a single light bulb.

Keep in mind that your LED outdoor spotlights need to be installed by an professional electrician.

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