LED Soffit Downlights – Beautifully Illuminate Your Exterior Walls

LED soffit downlights are a great way to light up specific areas of your home or business. Soffit lighting is a type of exterior downlights that are installed on the underneath side of your roof’s overhang with the light shining down the walls.

How to Use LED Soffit Downlights in Both Home and Commercial Settings

  • Exterior Downlights Add to the Safety of Your Building- LED soffit downlights placed around the exterior of your home or building lights up the exterior of your building. Lighting the area close to your building adds to the safety of your home or business because lighting tends to deter would be burglars or vandals from trying to enter or damage your home. When combined with other safety features LED soffit downlights can add to your home or business’s security helping to keep your family or possessions safer.
  • Gives Your Home a More Modern Look- LED soffit downlights gives you home a more modern look. Soffit lighting bathes the front of your building with soft light that highlights the exterior of your home or business presenting a welcoming appearance.
  • Soffit Lighting Can Increase the Usability of Your Home- LED soffit downlights placed around the roof of your patio, deck or porch can produce adequate lighting for you to enjoy the use of these areas of your home for longer periods of time since you will be able to use your patio, deck or porch after dark.

One of the best things about soffit downlights is how energy efficient these lights actually are. When you use more traditional lighting options a lot of the energy drawn by these lights is wasted because these types of lights produce a good deal of heat. With LED soffit downlights only 5% of the energy drawn is wasted with the rest of the energy going directly to lighting the lamp. Because LED lights don’t waste much energy, they actually need to draw less energy in order to provide you with the light you need.

Why Use LED Soffit Downlights

In addition, since LED lights shine brighter than other types of lighting, you need fewer LED exterior downlights to light up the same size area, which again makes these type of lights more energy efficient.

Topping off the efficiency of LED soffit lighting is the fact that LED lighting is long-lasting giving you 20,000 hours of lights and requiring less energy to make these lights than it does to make more traditional types of lighting.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we offer a nice selection of LED soffit downlights to meet the needs of both home and business owners. Are LED lighting is of highest quality and uses the latest in LED technology in order to deliver you with the type of lighting you want and deserve.

Why not take a few minutes and browse through our website and take a look at the LED soffit downlights we have. Should you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 0800-678-5156 or speak to our online representative.

As always when having any of our LED lighting installed make sure the installation is done by a qualified electrician.

LDC335 6 Watt Black Recessed LED Soffit Downlights

LDC335 6 watt black recessed LED soffit downlights

LBL183 5 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted LED Soffit Light

LBL183 5 watt round black IP65 LED soffit downlights

LBL249 12 Watt Surface Mounted IP65 LED Downlight

LBL249 12 watt round black surface mounted IP65 LED soffit downlights

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