External Soffit Lighting – Your Neighbours Will Want it Too

When you are out and about during the evening hours you have probably seen external soffit lighting on hotels, medical facilities and large estates or houses. While most people assume soffit lighting is only for larger buildings the fact is that external soffit lights look great on any size building even small cottages.

Soffit Lighting For Small Homes and Cottages

External soffit lighting for small homes and cottages can really create a warm homey effect for your cottage after dark. Whether your little home is made from wood, stone or brick soffit lighting can make your home look great, which will increase the curb appeal and the raise both the value and the looks of your home.

If you have a roofed patio attached to your small house or cottage then external soffit lighting can increase your ability to use your outdoor living space for entertainment or relaxation.9 watt black soffit LED downlight

Outside Soffit Lights for Larger Homes

External soffit lights for larger homes can really make your home stand out after dark. Your worked hard to purchase your lovely home and using soffit lighting is a great way to show off you beautiful home. Since soffit lighting fits under the eaves of roof and shines down your home’s walls these lights can bathe your home in an almost fairy tale like quality. In addition, you can use soffit lights on your garage and carriage house as well.

External Soffit Lighting for Commercial Enterprises

Commercial businesses such as shopping centers, medical facilities, hotels and restaurants can use soffit lighting to make their business stand out during the evening hours. Soffit lighting also gives visitors to the business a sense of comfort as well.

Of course outside soffit lights also serves as added security for your home or business since lighting the exterior of your home deters would be thieves from approaching your home since they try and avoid lighted places.

LED Soffit Lighting for Long Lasting Brilliance

Since soffit lighting is placed high up on the exterior of your building you are going to want to choose LED soffit lighting. LED soffit lighting is extremely long-lasting giving you over 20,000 hours of light without ever having to change a light bulb. LED soffit lighting means that you won’t be climbing ladders to change light bulbs every few weeks or months.

LED lighting is also Eco friendly, which means not only will be getting long lasting light, but you’ll be benefiting the environment as well.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we produce high quality LED external soffit lighting using the latest LED technology providing you with long-lasting, low maintenance lighting for a reasonable cost. We have both recessed and surface mounted LED lighting to meet your needs and your budget. Our LED lighting is some of the best lighting you can find anywhere. Just remember that all lighting should be installed by a qualified licensed electrician.

Why not take a few minutes to browse our website and speak to our online representative or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

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