External Downlights – Illuminate Your Building At Night

External downlights also sometimes referred to as soffit lights can do a lot for the exterior of your home. External downlights can be recessed or may be surface mounted and is used to both highlight areas on the outside of your home and for security reasons.

Patio Lighting

If you have a roofed patio, the roof will not only shade you from sun during the day, but can also provide a place to install external downlights for lighting the area for night time entertainment or relaxation. Outside soffit lighting can give your patio a soft warm glow that will make it the perfect spot to spend an hour or so of quiet time, for a romantic dinner, or for spending time with friends over a meal, coffee, or drinks.5 Watt square soffit LED downlight

External Downlights for Your Garden

Placing outside soffit lighting on the actual soffit of your home and directing the light towards your hedges or flowers near by can add soft light to your garden showing your hedges or flowers off to their best effect. If you have a roofed garden complete with a bench, seats or walking path, soffit lights can provide both safety and beauty to your garden for those evening strolls.

External Downlights for Security

Placing outside soffit lighting under your roofs overhang around your home or business will light up the entire outside of the building. Since thieves and vandals prefer to working in the dark they will tend to avoid any building that is well lit. In addition, if your home or business has some great architectural features external downlights will show off those details to their best advantages. Soffit lights around your home will also provide a warm welcome to invited guests.

Consider LED External Downlights

If you are considering External downlights for your home, then you may want to consider LED soffit lights for the following reasons:

  • Energy Efficient– LED lighting is extremely energy efficient, which will save you money on those monthly energy bills while provide you with all the outdoor lighting you will need.
  • Long-Lasting- LED lights are longer lasting than traditional light bulbs giving you 20000 hours of light for a single light bulb. This not only means that you won’t need to change those light bulbs as often it also means you save money on purchasing those light bulbs.
  • Good For The Environment- LED External downlights are good for the environment since they won’t release any CO2 into the air and they are completely recyclable.

Ultra Beam Lighting External Downlights

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have a number of outside soffit lighting options for you to choose. All of our soffit lights are of modern design and use the latest LED technology in order to give you a high quality light at a reasonable cost. Our external downlights come with a three year guarantee.

When installing any type of outdoor lighting, including soffit lights, always hire a qualified electrician to install those lights for you.

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