Exterior LED Downlights

Many fine homes and businesses across the UK choose to have Exterior LED downlights, also known as soffit lighting to light up the exterior of the their home. These outdoor spotlights provides a number of benefits for your home and business. Some of these benefits include:

  • LED lights Highlights exterior features of your building. Whether you want to show off the workmanship of the stone or brick exterior of your home or special carvings in columns surrounding your home, outdoor spotlights can show off the best features of the exterior of your building.
  • LED soffit lighting Highlights flowerbeds and bushes. Exterior LED downlights are also used to highlight flowerbeds and bushes that are planted near your building adding a bit of greenery to enhance the over all look of your home or business.
  • Outdoor spotlights provides General lighting for outdoor living spaces- Exterior LED downlights can be used on roofed patios and decks to provide general lighting that allows you to use your outdoor living areas later in the evening than you might otherwise be able to do.9 watt black soffit LED downlight
  • Exterior LED downlights provides more safety for guests. Outdoor spotlights can often be turned in order to concentrate the beam of light slightly outward from the building making it easier for guests to your home or business find their way to your door.
  • LED outdoor spotlights provide safety for your building and the people within. Soffit lighting when on a motion detector can provide safety for your building and the people within since burglars and vandals will likely run away the moment all of those lights come on when they approach your residence.
  • LED lighting is water resistant. Many traditional lights tend to get hot and when rainwater hits the hot lights the bulbs tend to explode. LED lighting burns much cooler and therefore can withstand being splashed with wind driven rain.
  • LED lighting is also long lasting. These lights lasts about 20 times longer than more traditional lighting, which means that you won’t constantly be setting up a ladder in order to change light bulbs.
  • LED exterior lighting is extremely energy efficient. These lights use only between 20% and 50% of the energy that more traditional lighting options require. This not only means that you will save money on your energy bill, but that you will also reduce the demand on your local energy company.
  • LED lighting is affordable. Although LED lighting initially costs slightly more than the more traditional types of lighting it makes up for that initial cost by saving you money on your energy bill. In addition, since you don’t have to purchase any light bulbs you will be saving money there as well.

Exterior LED lighting does need to be hard wired directly into your 240-volt electric main, therefore it is essential that you have a licensed qualified electrician wire your lighting for you.

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