Our Guide to Wall Mounted Lamps For Bedroom Use

Wall mounted lamps for bedroom use – Installing some mood lighting for your hotel’s bedrooms is a very good idea. It allows you to enhance the visual appeal of the entire room, while also providing you with the lighting you need during the day/evening. Some LED reading lights are very ornate and visually appealing, so they can stand for home décor on their own.

Stellar lighting solution for hotels

One of the main advantages of having a hotel bedside reading light is that customers can easily turn these on to relax, unwind and enjoy some reading time. On top of that, these lights offer utility and beauty in a great package, which will help bring the guest experience to the next level. You can install wall mounted lamps for bedroom very quickly, they are easy to use, and adapting them to your needs can be very simple and convenient.

What materials are suitable for LED reading lights?

We provide a multitude of options that can suit your hotel’s needs. We have wood-based mounted reading lights, as well as chrome wall mounted reading lights, silver recessed reading lights, black/white finish (wall-mounted) reading lights. This way, you will have no problem accessing the results and value you want at the best prices on the market.

How many wall mounted lamps for bedroom should you have?

Normally, you want to hang these at the eye level, although the fixture size and ceiling height might require some adjustments from your side. In a regular-sized bedroom, it’s ok to add one, maybe up to two LED reading lamps. If your hotel rooms are large, you can add a bit more, but 2 of them should suffice most of the time. Make sure that you avoid installing the hotel bedside reading light with a direct focus on the bed. You want these wall mounted lamps for bedroom to set the mood and not direct too much light towards the bed.

What types of wall mounted lamps for bedroom are there?

We provide a variety of hotel bedside reading light option based on your own needs and requirements. These include:

  • Swingarm lights can be adjusted so guests can direct the light any way they want
  • Upplight are designed to deliver a bit of light towards the ceiling, offering mood lighting
  • Downlights work great if you want to provide a distinctive, aesthetically pleasing accent. They can illuminate towards the ground, bringing in more clarity. Many LED reading lights are downlights.


We recommend you to give these impressive wall mounted lamps for bedroom a try today. We provide a vast range of models at affordable prices, and you can rely on us to help bring in a unique visual appeal to your hotels’ bedrooms. These LED reading lights are easy to install, durable and you can use the desired model/material based on your needs. Not only will these hotel bedside reading lights integrate with the room design, but they will help set the tone and bring the experience to new heights. Browse our website today if you want to find the right wall mounted lamps for bedroom and don’t hesitate to get in touch for a bulk quote or more information. Our team is always here to help bring in the best lighting solutions for your hotel!


Antico 3 Watt Flexible Arm Bedside Reading Light


Antico LED reading lamp



LWA322 3 Watt Recessed LED Bedside Reading Light

LWA322 wall mounted lamps for bedroom


LWA423 3 Watt Flexible Arm LED Reading Light

LWA423 wall mounted lamps for bedroom

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