Why Use Wall Mounted Bed Lamps

Wall mounted bed lamps are bedroom reading lights specifically designed for people who enjoy reading while sitting in the comfort of their own bed. By having a wall mounted light with an adjustable head or neck installed over the headboard of your bed you are able to easily have the light fall over your shoulder onto the pages of your book. By providing adequate lighting to the book’s pages you are able to reduce eye strain and have a more comfortable reading experience. Of course that bedroom reading lit also comes in handy when reading from your tablet or sending text by phone while sitting in bed.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Bed Lamps

  • You won’t need to use table lamps that take up precious space on your bedside table. The simple fact is that your bedside table or stand becomes a catch all for items you may need during the night or want as soon as you awake in the morning. Since these bedside tables are quite small having a table lamp take up most of the space and then trying to sit your eye glasses, a glass of water, chap stick and the book you are reading all on the stand almost ensures that something is bound to get pushed off the stand. With the bedside lamp replaced by a wall mounted bed lamp there is more room on the stand for all of those extra little little things.
  • Wall mount bed lamps can be easily be used as part of a layered lighting plan in your bedroom or can be used to provide a softer glow for those romantic evenings when you don’t want a brightly lit room.

Why LED Reading Lighting are Best for Wall Mounted Bed Lamps

When choosing wall mounted bed lamps finding a lamp with that uses LED technology is your best option. LED bedroom reading lamps provides the following benefits:

  • You’ll never need to change light bulbs– The LED technology is built right into the lamp and lasts for 20,000 hours of use. When used under normal conditions LED lamps provide light for 3 or 4 years.
  • LED lighting is energy efficient- LED lighting is extremely energy efficient which can result in you saving money on your energy bill.
  • Good for the environment- LED lighting is great for the environment since these lights do not emit any CO2 and the lights are 100% recyclable.
  • Little or No Maintenance- LED wall mounted bed lamps require little or no maintenance saving you time as well as money.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have a nice selection of modern wall mounted bed lamps that are designed to fit a number of decors. Our bedroom lamps are perfect for both home and commercial use. All of our bedroom lighting is made using the latest in LED technology. Please take a few minutes to browse our website and see the wall mounted bed lamps we have to offer.

Rapino 3 Watt Wall Mounted LED Bedside Lamp

LWA260 3 3watt wall mounted bed lamps

LWA317 3 Watt Beech Wood Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light

LWA317 beech wood 3 watt LED wall mounted bed lamps

LWA424 3 Watt Flexible LED Reading Light With USB Ports

LWA424 3 watt reading light with USB ports wall mounted bed lamps


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