How to Use Over Bed Reading Lamps

Gone are the days when bedside lighting meant that you had small lamps setting on stands next to your bed. Today more and more homes and hotels are choosing wall mounted over bed reading lamps in place of those traditional standing bedside lamps.

Over bed reading lamps come in a variety of different styles and looks that makes these lamps ideal for any bedroom and any bedroom décor. Here is a brief look at some of the different styles of LED reading lights.

What are Goose Neck Over Bed Reading Lamps

Gooseneck over bed reading lamps features a wall-mounted base with an adjustable gooseneck and a small light head (sort of like a flashlight) on the end of the neck. These lights are great because you can twist and turn the neck of the lamp to focus the light directly onto the pages of your book, exactly where you need it to be.

What is a Wall Mounted Lamp with Adjustable Head

There are also over the bed reading lamps that simply have a short neck and an adjustable head. Unlike the gooseneck lamp where you adjust the neck of the lamp, these lamps allow you to adjust the heads. You can turn the head of the light from side to side and even up and down to focus the light where you need it to be for comfortable reading.

What are Recessed Reading Lights

Recessed wall mounted reading lights are modern looking and highly functional. When not in use, the light recesses into the wall leaving a clean wall look. To use the light you simply tip it out and it automatically turns on the light then can be adjusted so the lights fall on the pages of your book. When you finish reading, simply push the light back into the wall and the light automatically turns off.

What are Twin Over Bed Reading Lamps

Twin wall mounted reading lights are usually placed over the center of the bed providing a light for each person in the person in the bed allowing two people to read, or one to read while one sleeps. Normally these lights have individual switches so each person can control their own light.

Modern LED Reading Lights

The latest trend in over the bed lighting is LED reading lights. These lights are perfect for both homes and hotels that want to provide bedside lighting for reading. These lights are highly energy efficient saving energy and saving you money on your energy bill.

In addition LED lighting uses the latest technology making these lights incredibly long lasting with these lights lasting anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours depending on the individual light. The longevity of these lights also makes them practically maintenance free since there are no light bulbs to change.

Best of all LED reading lights are very affordable only costing a few dollars more than traditional lighting at time of purchase, but saving you money of the course of the lifetime of the light.

Of course these over bed reading lamps need to be wired into your 240 volt electric main so you will need a qualified electrician to do the wiring of your bedside lights for you.

Seville 3 Watt Black Over Bed Reading Lamps

LWA203 black 3 watt overbed reading lamps

Seville Twin 3 Watt Black Over Bed Reading Lamps

LWA204 twin black over bed reading lamps

LWA299A 12 Watt Polished Chrome Over Bed Reading Lamps

LWA299A 12 watt polished chrome over bed reading lamps

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