Over Bed Lamp – The Best Choice For Night Time Reading

Over bed lamp – When it comes to bedroom lighting, in both hospitality and domestic settings, there are many options available to you. Often, when choosing the lights for these rooms, one only considers the overhead light or a lamp on a side table. There are more options out there waiting for you to explore—more specifically, an LED reading light fixture.

Especially beneficial for hospitality suites, an over bed lamp can go a long way to add to one’s sense of comfort. For those sharing a bed, an LED reading light can give one person illumination without disturbing the other. Without a reading lamp, the illumination can only come from an over bed lamp or a table lamp; both of these options may be disturbing for one party who is ready to sleep though the other is not.

What Is a Headboard LED Reading Lamp?  

This type of reading lamp attaches directly to the headboard of the bed. From there, it shines a light down on one specific area of the bed. in this way, one person can read and relax in bed without disturbing the other who is trying to sleep. LED reading light fixtures are as diverse as any other light both in terms of functionality and appearance.

Two Categories of LED Reading Lamps

  • A fixed reading lamp is one that does not have much flexibility. The shade of a table lamp can be tilted to possibly add light to what you are reading; but, this is not a good idea due to safety issues. Reading lamps often have a spotlight-style shape that does not offer much positioning customisation. Beyond this, these lights also provide a slightly wider spread of light.
  • With a flexible reading lamp, one can change the orientation of the light by moving the flexible arm. This will allow the positioning of the illumination right where you want it, letting you enjoy more direct lighting.

How To Choose the Best Over Bed Lamp

  • FLEXIBLE OR FIXED. First, you can weigh the benefits of each of the two types of reading lights to determine which one would be best for your unique situation.
  • Reading lamps come in diverse styles and shapes. You can find one to suit virtually any aesthetic in your bedroom.
  • Choose an over bed lamp that is made out of durable materials like aluminium, wood or steel. In doing so, you can ensure the life of your lamp and avoid time and money wasted buying replacements.
  • The light that is output is important. Choose a light with the appropriate level of lumen output to ensure you are getting enough light without it being overbearing. You may also consider the colour temperature to find illumination that is gentle for sleepy eyes.

An over bed lamp can enhance the comfort and convenience of a bedroom in both domestic and hospitality settings. In this article, we broke these lights down into two main categories. We also offered a quick buying guide to help you choose the one that is best for. Keep this page bookmarked to refer to it when shopping our broad array of headboard LED reading lamps.

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LWA299A Chrome twin LED overbed reading light

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